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  1. John Staton

    For Sale FJ60 2F desmog and misc parts

    Misc parts from my desmog and other work. All came off a 1983 FJ60. Parts located near Houston Texas. Notes on a few of the parts: -smog pump: needs to be rebuilt. Was making a clicking noise which made me go ahead and make the leap to do the desmog -Alternator- was the one that came on the...
  2. huminajumina

    For Sale (WV/DC/MD) Tons of FJ40 parts, shifter,MCs, smog, PS pump.

    Hey guys, I hinted at all these parts in my --->> other listing <---.... I am busy with work, so I will try to check back often and respond as soon as i can. I'll ship the cheapest priority mail or whatever i can. Shipping cost will be added once I can get an accurate and cheap quote for you...
  3. wildling

    Wanted 2F Brackets

    Looking for adjustment bracket and tensioner for the smog pump and alternator for a '77. Either or both will do. Shipping to 85742. Thanks.
  4. LittleRedWgon

    For Sale 85 FJ60 2F parts in Phoenix, AZ

    Hello Mudders... I have a few parts that I am selling off.... Take a look and if there is something you are interested in let me know and I'll post a photo of it. To many items to post all image. I would rather the parts go to a MUD member than sell em on ebay. Here is the list--85 FJ60 parts...
  5. MrMoose

    For Sale FJ62 Manual Swap & Misc 2F Parts

    Had planned on converting my 80 to an H42, but sold it instead. So now I have some parts left over. All these parts came from a 86 FJ60. H42 - extension housing, have some gaskets needed to reseal it. Make offer. Split case - 38mm idler shaft, oil cup provision. Currently in pieces...
  6. BFletch

    SOLD 2F parts

    All parts listed are off 03/76 2F. All are in great shape and have been removed after back cylinder started to knock and I'm going 3FE now. Buyer pays shipping. Stock distributor- SOLD Igniter - SOLD Thermostat housing - SOLD Fuel pump - SOLD Thanks
  7. Prestonagray

    For Sale More 1987 parts-utah

    truck had 175k. All parts are assumed to be original. Power steering pump with res- $50 Misc smog lines and some valves still available- let me know what you need and we will work it out. Intake cover- $20 Intake and exhaust manifolds- $60 each Oil cooler- $50 2f short block - $100 4 speed...
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