1997 fzj80

  1. X

    80 Series electrical wiring diagram

    I live in Australia and need to get my hands on a copy of the 1997 FZJ80R electrical wiring diagram but can only find the following USA printed 1997 FSM to purchase. Can I rely on the USA printed FSM electrical diagrams or does the wiring layout differ between the AUS and US vehicles?
  2. S

    For Sale 1997 LC - 210k mi, Locked, Supercharged - Denver

    Craiglist link: 1997 Toyota Landcruiser - 3x Locked and Supercharger Selling my 1997 LC for $21,500 obo. I am the second owner, picked it up in Palm Springs, CA with 130k mi on it. Have kept up with maintenance and oil changes. It still runs great (it's my DD), just looking for something...
  3. h20g

    SOLD Arkansas - 1997 FZJ80 40th Anniversary Edition - $14,000

    We are selling our 1997 40th Anniversary Edition FZJ80, I have owned this rig for the past 4-5 years. In that time it has been driven occasionally, (mostly in town), for a total of about 15,000 miles. Current mileage on the odometer is just under 174,000. This is the same rig in my profile...
  4. T

    For Sale Cleanest LO Miles '97 FJZ with clean MODS on the Market, Service records from NEW

    1997 40th Anniversary Toyota FJZ80 Land Cruiser for sale. I haven't seen a cleaner, lower mileage, tastefully modified Cruiser on the market or on the road. Addendum (10/20/18): Asking price: $31,900 Miles: 154k, 10k over past 3 years. Story: Originally purchased in CO by a gentleman in...
  5. J

    What to Do to My AWD 1997 Lexus LX450?

    Hi, I am BRAND new to this forum, so if I am posting in the wrong thread or am infringing on proper forum etiquette please let me know. My questions are regarding the AWD ‘97 Lexus LX450 (currently with roughly 150k miles on it) that I just purchased, and since I did not see a thread for Lexus...
  6. B

    For Sale 1997 Land Cruiser

    Selling my 1997 Land Cruiser. 292K miles. 3" OME lift. Slee front bumper and side steps. Matte Black paint job. 5 Duratrac tires and black wheels. Leather interior, needs a little work. No third seats, no factory lockers. Smitty Built roof rack thrown in as well. Sirius XM ready. $6,000 OBO...
  7. T

    For Sale 1997 FZJ80

    Selling 1997 Land Cruiser. Located in Florida, USA. Southern vehicle most of its life. Very good overall condition for age and mileage. 275K miles (274K now but driven occasionally until sold). Daily driver. Starts and runs extremely reliably. About $12K invested. (Selling for $7K . May consider...
  8. jtcolumbia

    Wanted Center caps for 1997 FZJ80

    Hi looking for OEM center caps for 16" factory wheels. Someone wanted mine more than me last night. ☹️ The ones or type like in the picture. Any color is ok just want factory. Thanks!
  9. culturedredneck

    For Sale 1997 FZJ80 40th Anniversary- Locked

    Up for sale is my 97 FZJ80 with 209,000. Located in Washington, DC. A bit of history with his one: I bought this a year and half ago from a gentleman on the forum known as WCruiserJunkie, some know him as Chris Wilson. I wont go into details, you can head over to the bad sellers forum for...
  10. 97eighty

    Builds 97eighty - 1997 FZJ80 Build

    Hey guys, I picked up a completely stock 97 Land Cruiser with 192,000 miles this past June and thought I would start a start tracking my build. Despite the lack of factory lockers, the truck was in awesome shape and practically rust free. I picked it up to be my daily driver as well as my...
  11. L

    Builds Lummie: 1997 FZJ80 build

    Hi everyone. For the past year and a half I've been wheeling my '14 LX 570 on the trails. At first I was okay with a few scrape marks on the bumper and the pin stripping from brush but I've always felt like I couldn't really enjoy off-roading 100% if I'm constantly worrying about damaging the...
  12. H

    For Sale 1997 FZJ80 supercharged

    I have a 1997Toyota land cruiser (FZJ-80) for sale. It is an automatic, all wheel drive and comes from the factory with dual lockers, 1 for the diffs and one for the transfer case. Everything on this land cruiser works perfectly and the interior is in great shape. All fluids have been flushed...
  13. Morse_FJ40

    craigslist 1997 FZJ80 series Land cruiser

    Here is a link to my 1997 FZJ80 series. 1997 Toyota Land Cruiser FZJ80 series Triple Locked Thanks Ryan
  14. Walter Wheeler

    craigslist 1997 fzj80 locked 40th

    Looks good, no affiliation. 1997 Land Cruiser w/ factory lockers
  15. sokoji

    craigslist 1997 FZJ80 Low miles $1700

    Not mine, no affiliation, seems nice with low miles and cheap. Gray Toyota land Cruiser For sale
  16. ActionEighty

    Eezi Awn rooftop tent 80 series

    Hello guys this is my first post. I'm looking into rooftop tents and am interested in the Eezi awn jazz and the Eezi Awn series 3 1400 tents. My budget is $2500 and I'm wondering if any of you have experience with Eezi Awn tents, particularly these two. I'm also open to input on other brands you...
  17. jwilliams

    97' FZJ80 heated seat install with Toyota horizontal low/high switches

    Recently installed new leather with heated seat elements. Here is my video review of the leather and quick look at heated seat switches This information is for a 1997 FZJ80, I am not sure if all models have the factory plugs under the center console, please check to verify. PREFACE The truck...
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