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  1. PalmettoFJ62

    tan FJ Cruiser 385 11/2/2010

    Yes sir we did meet there. Congrats on the taco you just recently aquired, great looking truck. You going to Marshalls parts meet? Im going to try and make it and hopefully meet some more guys from the club.
  2. PalmettoFJ62

    tan FJ Cruiser 385 11/2/2010

    No, mine is that blue gray color. ( i forget toyotas name for it.) And i actually spotted another exactly like mine the other day by the post office on washington downtown. I also have all the chrome blacked out on mine.
  3. PalmettoFJ62

    tan FJ Cruiser 385 11/2/2010

    I passed a lifted tan FJ Cruiser on 385 heading toward greenville. Black wheels, looks to be arb front bumper. Im pretty sure you work at Hartness as i see your rig there every day. Great looking setup by the way. Is this anyone here?
  4. PalmettoFJ62

    FJ62 woes...

    Here is a link to my thread in the main forum. Ill provide some pizza and beer to anyone who can come help me diagnose this problem. Im at a loss of patience and knowledge. Im pretty mechanically inclined and have never...
  5. PalmettoFJ62

    What did you do with your truck this week?

    Finished de-chroming the 62 then the next day... fuel leak!:mad: After further inspection half of the grommets and o-rings on the injectors are torn. Thanks to Rick @ Ralph Hayes Toyota for getting me new ones ordered!
  6. PalmettoFJ62

    Who's cruiser?

    Yea hes a great guy, i eat lunch at A&P at least 3 times a week usually. Hes given me alot of good solid advice and knowledge on cruisers. Thanks for the kind words as well. :)
  7. PalmettoFJ62

    Who's cruiser?

    Thats mine... Jlee, That would be mine. Guess im overdue for introducing myself here. I have been lurking for years now reading and getting all the info i can from everyones posts. I was finally able to purchase this 62 about 4 months ago. She has been great so far and i am already...
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