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  1. WyoCruiser

    Advice for my old dog

    OP, We have had lots of dogs. All of the them were rescues and we still do fostering for a breed rescue. We empathize with you and wish your family the best. It's never gets any easier seeing a buddy not doing well. Take your friend to the vet and have him checked out regarding his accidents...
  2. WyoCruiser

    Some Rescue Pups

    Joe. Thanks for all your work. We foster for a breed rescue. All our own dogs have been either former rescue or shelter animals. Our last foster was for six weeks. We socialized him and did basic obedience. We matched him up with a great family over 100 miles away. Cairn Terrier living...
  3. WyoCruiser

    Very Nice Dog Driving Me Insane

    What canucksafari said. Also contact the local breed rescue so they will be aware of the situation and can work with the authorities to find the dog a good home once the legalities are handled. We got our lab through our local Lab Rescue and currently work with a breed rescue to pick up dogs...
  4. WyoCruiser

    geriatric dog issues

    It was suggested a couple of weeks ago that you take her to the vet as there may be an underlying problem that needs to be addressed. For example, we had a dog that started to have problems eliminating in the house. The vet discovered the cause, which it turned out (we were wrong) it wasn't...
  5. WyoCruiser

    RIP Little Buddy

    The pics of Buddy and your comments made me smile. Sorry for your loss.
  6. WyoCruiser

    Best Dog Food

    Yeah, Rem Oil, for sure, if ya got a huntin' dog.
  7. WyoCruiser

    Best Dog Food

    I have read such sites in the past. I decided to read the dog food analysis on this site of the Iams we buy at a discount at Wal-Mart or Target. It contains 'controversial' (their opinion) ingredients as does Kirkland. The opinions of strangers are just that. I considered their point of...
  8. WyoCruiser

    R.I.P Bing

    OP, it's great to read you are getting another companion. Having been through this, it does help. We were fortunate enough to be able to adopt another rescue dog in anticipation of our aged dogs' passing. Our new dog was a real help to us.
  9. WyoCruiser

    geriatric dog issues

    What Slipshot said. We've been through this with dogs we have fostered. Make an appointment and take her to the vet. Your canine can't be comfortable with all this either. We know it's hard on all involved as quality of life is important to all members of the family.
  10. WyoCruiser

    Best Dog Food

    I know folks poo poo mainstream brands like Iams. However, our black lab ran around happily until 15 on Iams adult kibble. Nothing fancy, fairly reasonably priced. No GI problems. Firm stool. Now, maybe we were lucky, but our lab's companion during 13 of those years, a Terrier mix, lived...
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