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    For Sale  Orange County CA rebuilt Warn 8274 winch

    Winch has been rebuilt. Took apart every bolt, nut and bearing. I either cleaned them or replaced them. All new brake kit, bearings and bushings. New cover, mounting bolts and controller. What’s unique about this one is it has a custom end roller. This winch was setup for towing cars that was...
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    WARN what ya got!

    built several 8274 using the superwinches contactor, like 1911 said its NLA. Instead of overpaying the warn one i took a gamble and bought on amazon. see link No issues so far and I had it about 6 months. I pulled out a couple of tree trunks so far so good.
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    WARN what ya got!

    my secret stash..
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    WARN 8274 build and bumper for my 97' F350

    nice rebuild. Now you better tac weld those bolts or something. mine got ripped off a couple of years ago.
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    WARN what ya got!

    Mine is currently in rebuilding stage. Took every piece apart and replaced with new ones. I even treated myself with some gigglepin product. I dont think the previous owner ever changed the oil because it was like mud.
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    Wanted Classic ARB bumper for 40 series

    how about this?
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    SOLD FJ40 Rear Fender Flares - San Diego

    PM'd you my address
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    SOLD FJ40 Rear Fender Flares - San Diego

    Hi, I'll take them if not sold.
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    For Sale DFW-FJ40 Fender Flares (used)

    still got them? can you ship to 92683
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    SOLD FJ40, FJ55, FJ62 Parts - San Diego

    sorry, i will take it. yes 1 switch.
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    SOLD FJ40, FJ55, FJ62 Parts - San Diego

    LMk the total and your paypal acct
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    Wanted  1972 FJ40 fender flares

    I'll take it if you only have the driver side
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    SOLD FJ40, FJ55, FJ62 Parts - San Diego

    For #15-do you have the wiring connection from the switch to the wiper motor? if you do, i'll take them. In Westminster CA
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