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    LHD 70 Series Dash - Free

    This found a new home last week, thanks!
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    LHD 70 Series Dash - Free

    EDIT - gone to a new home, thanks! No gauge cluster or steering wheel, but dash and HVAC is here. Figure it may help someone local. Free to a good cruiser home. Please spread the word—need it all taken, can’t separate. Mike @torfab @Willis
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    For Sale Washington: 1997 LX450 ute chop ($4k)

    All done, locking the thread. Thanks for everyone's interest. On to the next.
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    Builds 1997 LX450 Ute

    On the chopping block for $4k for mudders. Crappy life stuff.
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    For Sale  Washington: 1997 LX450 ute chop ($4k)

    The Ute is for sale, $4k to mud. It’s on CL for $5k. It’s a hack job that looks cool from certain angles and certain distances. Washington title shows rebuilt from an earlier accident in its life. Nittos have less than 10k on them. Warn M12000, IPOR skid, Aussie locker in the rear. Liner needs...
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    Builds 1993 refreshed (now gone) and 1995 build up with new OEM engine

    Looking forward to your chop! I regret not doing a frame stretch on mine. I am going to, and hope to recreate the process you and Tony used on his troopie project. I have that thread bookmarked for reference when the time comes. Even with my silly stock wheelbase, I absolutely love my...
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    Need help Broke down Elkhart Indiana

    Might try a cross-post here: IN- Hoosier Cruisers
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    Parting Out Atlanta: New take-off Wide Body 70 series front end

    Any info on shipping to 98498? I’ve got a Fastenal location close. EDIT—are these LHD headlamp assemblies? Thanks
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    Builds 1997 LX450 Ute

    Ha, thanks man. I just grabbed a welder and figured it out. I’m currently in the process of wiring up a 220v outlet and looking to step up my welding game so I can do more structural stuff. I need to stretch the frame on this and I want to do some things on my 40. Being able to cut, shape, and...
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    Builds 1997 LX450 Ute

    Been cruising around. :cheers:
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    SOLD 1997 LX450

    Grill and front lower valance shipped to 98498? (Front lower valance referring to whatever that piece immediately underneath the grill and above the bumper is called... not up on my parts terminology)
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    Nardi steering wheel removal

    I'm about 50% sure a steering wheel puller is what you need. I've used one like this with success (also worked on crank pulley):
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    For Sale 70 series lhd interior parts for conversions or builds

    Any chance you’ve got one of those 12 cabs to go along with one of these sets :)
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    Builds "Scout" the 1977 FJ40

    Just got caught up with this, sub’d for more! We do similar Walla Walla trips (wine tasting, tacos, and breakfast at Bacon and Eggs, mostly) and I can’t wait to have my 40 together enough to get us there.
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