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    Coal Mine Cruiser Classic Alternative

    That fire is DEAD SEXY!!!!!!!!
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    June Visit

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    June Visit

    Its not ok I didn't even get an invitation to perkys
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    Pretty quiet in here... what are you working on?

    Finally getting around to fixing my saw.....on the kitchen island.....if any one is wondering it is sitting on a frozen pizza box. Bachelor hardcore
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    Pretty quiet in here... what are you working on?

    I think we had a kids and cruisers post a while ago
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    Rubithon 2020

    What an awesome opportunity. I bet 2020 is going to be full of transitions for me.
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    CLCC holiday party Sat Jan 4

    I will have to see what the schedule is, but you guys know I'm down
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    craigslist cruiser crap

    Dont care who you are this thing is tits
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    Charlottesville, Va Roll Call?

    Glenn good to see you again.
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    Fall Crawl Afterglow

    That doesn't glow it shines 🌞
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    Fall Crawl Afterglow

    I just wanted to start a thread dedicated to those who put in so much time and effort this past weekend. There were months of planning, libations, food. Thanks Stump for all your hard work, and keg beers. Thanks Amed for the raffle prizes, and quite frankly the vendors that supplied them should...
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    Food for Fall Crawl 2019

    Paleo, Keto, Vegan, Gluten free....Please
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    Events/Trails Official 2019 Fall Crawl Information Thread

    I have ax, maul, and hand saw, in the subiyota
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    Food for Fall Crawl 2019

    If you need some one to protect/snuggle that cooler tonight you just let me know.
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    Food for Fall Crawl 2019

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