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    Stuck Transfer case/ Transmission drain and fill plug

    I currently have a stuck fill plug on the transfer case. I will try the impact wrench first. If that doesn't work I'll try heat. I made the mistake of already draining the fluid too.
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    For Sale  FJ40 Land Cruiser - Pressure Plate, throw out bearing & pilot bearing

    $75 In Charleston, SC I ordered a clutch kit not knowing exactly what would bolt up and fit since I didn't have the tranny off yet and the engine in my 40 is not stock. Ended up only using the friction plate from the kit. I know I should have replaced the bearings but they looked ok and I was...
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    How to remove rust best??

    Fjatheart can explain what you used to "treat" and how you cleaned it? Also, how is the POR15 holding up?
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    '69 fj40, just bought, what is the best way to deal with rust?

    Hello all, This is my first post. I've been reading the forum for a while and usually the previous threads have the answers to my questions. I just bought my fj in December '13, replacing a few parts to get it reliable. I have been trying to find a good method for dealing with minor rust...
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