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    For Sale (SOLD) 2001 LC (silver) $8900 Semi-Built

    So the drawers are removable but they are made from 3/4” hardwood and are unnecessarily heavy. The only way I can easily put them in and out is using my forklift. I went a little overkill but they are solid drawers. Yes you can remove them. No, you will not want to do it often.
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    For Sale (SOLD) 2001 LC (silver) $8900 Semi-Built

    Forgot to add that I have a lot of spare parts and recovery gear in the drawers that will be going with the truck... wheel bearings etc... for the long trips I like to carry just in case parts when I’m 2,000 miles from home.
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    For Sale (SOLD) 2001 LC (silver) $8900 Semi-Built

    No I do not. The drawers are semi-permanent so I got rid of them. They’re anchored to the hooks on the floor of the truck but the drawers are so heavy you will need help to put them in and take them out. It will be a struggle even with two guys.
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    For Sale (SOLD) 2001 LC (silver) $8900 Semi-Built

    SOLD!!! SOLD!!! SOLD!!! Here ya go. Let me know if you have any questions. 248,3xx miles New timing belt/water pump done at 230k (@ Tuscaloosa Toyota) Slee diff drop SPC UCA's Metal Tech sliders Trail Taylor Adjustable Rear LCA's Spider-trax wheel spacers Ironman T-bars Ironman...
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    DixieLand What have you done to your cruiser today thread

    I’ve always liked the white knuckle sliders, they look great
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    For Sale Eezi-Awn Series 3 1800 Roof Top Tent (Sell/Trade)

    Eezi-Awn Series 3 1800 Roof Top Tent Condition - Used (Great) Shipping- Domestic (yes) International (no) Location - Northport, AL (35473) Asking $1700 OBO I have owned this 4 season tent for 3 years and it has been fantastic. Eezi-Awn is known for their rugged durability, and this tent is no...
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    For Sale Stock 1999 Toyota Land Cruiser - Rear Locker - $8K

    Nevermind, missed Seattle. GLWS
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    8th Annual 100s in the Hills *July 12-17 Silverton, Colorado*

    Anyone riding out from Bama, Miss, Georgia or Tenn?? We’re hitting the road this Saturday out of Bama and running 20 West through Amarillo.
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