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    For Sale $150/CO FJ60/62 knuckle rebuild kit w/ special bearing tool

    Parts are promised for now. Sorry Splangy!
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    For Sale $150/CO FJ60/62 knuckle rebuild kit w/ special bearing tool

    Brand new in packaging knuckle rebuild kit with Marlin seals, new felts, all new inner and outer bearings. Includes new special service tool for knuckle bearing removal and placement. Also includes 3 new u-joints, brass cleaning wheels, and a fish scale. All was intended for a 1984 FJ60...
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    worst taco ever

    What some people do to trucks just kills me...
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    Strange Oil Consumption/Burn

    I probably add a quart every 1000 miles. Very little leakage on the ground, a little around the flywheel and main crank. Passed emissions with flying colors about a year ago. Pretty sure it is getting burned.
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    OME Installer Colorado Front Range

    Slee offroad in Golden, CO John's 4x4 in Boulder, CO The tools to install it yourself cost less than paying someone else to do it. Kind of a 'right of passage'.
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    Exhaust leak near manifold?

    Haven't been on here in a while (guess the truck's been running good!) Pretty sure I have an exhaust leak near the manifold. Exhaust is creeping into the cab with the windows open. Just looking for advice on easy fixes, or how much to expect to pay to have the manifold planed out. Also, how...
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    Rear Drive line rumble...Axle Shims?

    Dude, you're the wizard (i.e. tell us please)! I don't know, thought they were supposed to be in phase. Have you had success running at 90 degrees? might be worth a try. I'm not going to mess with it until I can get new ujoints pressed in.
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    Rear Drive line rumble...Axle Shims?

    I have new u-joints in a box, but no press, and no money to get it done right now... Shims are cheap! Hopefully the new u-joints will fix what is left of the vibration.
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    Rear Drive line rumble...Axle Shims?

    I've got OME 2-3" springs and long shackles (i know i know...), Axle shims in the rear helped, but it still rumbles a bit around 25.
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    Is this a plow hookup?

    looks like a slot for a removable tow-bar attachment for towing behind a RV.
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    How Do You Bleed The Clutch Slave?

    Cool tip I learned on mud: Do this when you are using all new fluid. Get a silicone hose long enough to go from the bleed plug to the reservoir. Pump pedal until bubbles disappear/ tighten plug. Done. By closing the loop, you eliminate the need for help and closing the plug between pumps.
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    Help with noisy power steering

    Pretty sure it was seals and valves due to the leaks and lack of power, but I never took the thing apart. It was leaking a lot at the pulley o-ring. I was warned against doing a rebuild or buying re-manufactured by several Mud members, but to save a buck I bought a remanufactrured stock...
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    Help with noisy power steering

    In my opinion, the stock pump is too weak. My stock pump died at ~185k, replaced with a rebuilt unit. That one failed 6 months later. I'm only running 31" tires. Replaced with saginaw, not easy, but much more power than stock.
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    BObed the 60 16in

    Fun to check on on this thread and see the evolution taking place. pretty much what I would hope to do someday when I have some money, garage space, and more skills! As much as I love my cruiser, the frame and body are pretty rusty, and it looks like some day it would be fun to just start...
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    Clutch master cyl - New or rebuild?

    new easy install Here is a thread where people answered some of my questions.
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