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    Anyone bored enough to look at my spark plugs?

    They are all fine. Some people would love to have plugs like that.
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    Can the Transfercase VC be rebuilt?

    If the Toyota engineers had intended the VCs to be rebuilt, they would have put a drain plug in them.
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    Can the Transfercase VC be rebuilt?

    I guess it depends on what your time is worth. You could spend a couple of days trying to rebuild one or you could get a good used one from someone that is going to throw it away. The truck drives well without one and good used ones are cheap. Your choice.
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    Can the Transfercase VC be rebuilt?

    No. Get along without it or get another one.
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    Too much rust for 10K? Lots of pics, Carfax

    Look for a truck from the south west, like CA, AZ, NV, NM, UT. Rust is like cancer: It keeps popping up and you never win.
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    Filling a small hole without welding

    Rust is like cancer. It keeps popping up and you never win in the end.
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    Alignment help

    One thing I noticed is that you have negative toe in on the right and + on the left, so the rear wheels are pointing right and it might be crab walking a bit. Check for bent or misadjusted control arms on the rear if you have them.
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    U-joint cap not tight

    I know some mechanical engineering professors that don’t know which hole the oil goes in for their car, but yet they do know how to build some cool machines.
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    U-joint cap not tight

    X2 on the locktite. I didn’t know that the UAW represents mechanics. I was IAM (aka IAMAW) while I was turning wrenches. Now the UAW represents graduate students and teaching assistants at the university who don’t know which end of a wrench goes where.
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    U-joint cap not tight

    My experience is that Neapco U-joints fit loosely in the yoke compared to OEM. You should need to press them in. Any slop of play is bad.
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    1980 FJ40 Smog hose help

    I’m sure the smog police have better things to do. There was a guy in my cruiser club that worked for CARB (CA Air Resources Board) and they went around busting smog shops that took bribes or made mistakes. Taking a payment for falsifying a smog test is much more serious than being ignorant...
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    Adjusting rear drum brakes

    Somebody might have swapped the cylinders or adjusters to the wrong side If they loosen.
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    1980 FJ40 Smog hose help

    Thank your luck stars for ignorant smog techs. They can get busted for that kind of mistake, so they are usually more observant.
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    1980 FJ40 Smog hose help

    2F distributors and igniters are petty much the same from ‘79 and up. It should not be hard to fine one. Post up a WTB add in classifieds or maybe you can trade your GM distributor for a late 2F distributor. X2 on it probably will not pass visual on the smog if the tech knows what a GM...
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    Headers red hot at 3000 rpms.

    Having the timing retarded will even make cast iron manifolds glow red. Is your centrifugal advance sticking?
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