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    WTB: First Car for 16yo

    Well couldn’t talk them into a Land Cruiser so we picked up an 04 Lexus ES330. Needs a good cleaning and some rear brakes. Anyone have any suggestions for brake work in Cincinnati? I don’t feel like doing it.
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    Bixenon Retrofits and other FullyLitLED products

    Anything for GX470s for interior LED?
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    WTB: First Car for 16yo

    Or will trade my 73 FJ40 with 2F, 4sp, AA rockbox, lockers, disc brake front, 35” Krawlers for something. 80 or 100 series? 1st, 2nd, 3rd gen t4r, Toyota extra cab or 4 door truck, MB 300ce, maybe an old school Scirocco or GTI 16v, Boxster???
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    Dreaming of a low profile bumper/hidden winch

    I think this is the fill plate you are thinking of creating. This guy sells them.
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    GX470 Steering Wheel Replacement/Refurbish

    To bring this to a close on my end. My horn wire came loose and was disconnected. I reattached it and crimped it tighter and everything is good to go.
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    2013 Horn not working

    Does it work if you turn your wheel like 90* or so? From my research the clock spring can be the culprit.
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    2013 Horn not working

    470 here but my horn wire was disconnected behind the airbag. Takes about 5 minutes to check that out.
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    WTB: First Car for 16yo

    Thanks for the reply. Probably more than I want to spend plus she kinda wants a car. We are truly just trying to wait things out to buy a new 4runner for my wife.
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    STC/Kayline replacement top?

    Is there anyone producing a replacement top fot the STC/Kayline fastrack bows?
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    WTB: First Car for 16yo

    Anyone have a cheap running 1st car for my 16yo they want to get rid off? Toyota, Honda, Nissan? Something safe and reliable for my daughter.
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    SOLD 2006 Gx470 Lexus

    Interior color? If grey, looking for driver rear door ashtray. The dead foot thing on drivers left side floor
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    What Did You Do With Your 120 Today?

    4th gen 4runner wheel. They look great.
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    Toyo AT3... Which Load Rating?

    What pressure are you running?
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    Toyo AT3... Which Load Rating?

    I just has 285/70/17 Cs installed last week. Still trying to decide if I should have went with Es. They feel a little more squishy in corners than I want. Previous tire on this GX470 were terra grapplers which I did not care for but they did not feel squishy in corners. I had 285/70/17 E Falken...
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    Unofficial Ohio Cruiser parts FS/WTB/trade thread

    Anyone need some Nitto Terra Grappler G2? 285/70/17 $200 for all 4 to mud
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