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    t350/ lc transfer question

    If your set up is like mine--a 5 inch or so long adapter--it will clear fine.
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    for sale: 89 FJ62 with blown engine

    I think that truck already sold on ebay--12-13k as I recall. Paul
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    Transfer Case/ Speedo gear

    On the out put shaft in front to rear order: shim, spacer, speedo drive gear, washer.
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    T-Case clocked a few degrees??

    Mine is also clocked lower on the passenger side. I have an automatic so it gives me better clearance to the pan. Not sure if they meant to do that but it works good for me. Could also be the 6 holes drilled in your rear mount are a bit off, making the mount not level when the transfer really is.
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    strange noise from FJ40

    Air leak in exhaust.
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    fj40 doors, and some tires and other stuff

    I really need an uncracked dash pad. Is yours cracked? If not, I'll gladly pay the shipping if you're willing to pack it up. I'm in New York, 10996.
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    Best frame coating

    Run a leaky oil pan--works for me;-)
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    Do you phase your shaft?

    "Only reason people get by any length of time at all is because Cruiser shafts are so short and stout." Ya, hung like a tuna can.
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    Paki Soft tops order

    Do the soft tops at $500 include the frame?
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    My First FJ40

    You done good on that deal.
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    Edelbrock Carb Adjusting has a section on it explaining adjustments and settings.
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    Mini case in fj40

    I would go from SM465 to NP203 GRB to LC T-case. Easy conversion.
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    4.5" backspacing work on a 40?

    No, too deep. If it is a 15" rim it will hit the tie rod ends. Sounds too deep for a 16" rim, too.
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    Seattle: '73 fj40 front seats, tire carrier

    Are these bucket seats? or bench seats. Need a front seat bottom, black, not ripped, left or right.
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    Transfer case replacement.

    Easily done, even with the cover in the truck if you lower the tranny a bit with a jack.
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