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    Parting Out 94 FZJ80, unlocked burgundy, cloth interior

    driver seat still available?
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    I spotted you thread!

    'twas a grand time...
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    Aux Fan set up for an 80 Series LX450

    Damn. Missed again.
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    Landtank Seat Extension bracket install video

    nice vid! great explanation.
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    2002 highlander seats into an LX?

    have not replaced seats... but if you need to "manually" move the seats back to where you'd need them on a permanent basis, there's a video on youtube which shows a guy moved the seats back using a ratchet. I did this as a temp fix for the passenger seat on my daughter's 80.
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    For Sale Norcold Fridge/Freezer (Sold)

    I have the ARB version of the same fridge - excellent price! good luck with the sale...
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    Aux Fan set up for an 80 Series LX450

    cool. I was hoping to grab one quick and work on it in the winter, but I can wait until spring. I'll keep checking back. Thanks!
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    Aux Fan set up for an 80 Series LX450

    price for entire kit - fan and switch? still $185 + $35? or did I miss a price change?
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    Parting Out 1997 LX450

    I'm interested in the center console lids, if you're willing to part with them.
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    Introducing FZJ 80 "Dingo"

    looks great! any details on the struts themselves? length? lift specs?
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    For Sale Trail Tailor 4x4 Camping/Haul Trailer

    Very nice set up my friend. GLWS
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    What are you reading now?

    just finished this one. and about to start this one...
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    SOLD James Baroud Grand Raid XXL, California

    I'm really interested...but I may need to run it past the boss... I'll be in SC to drop my older youngun at the college there I'm a couple weeks, so I could pick up then, if not sooner.
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    Factory Service Manual for 96 LX450?

    I suppose I should have included, "mechanically"... :flipoff2:
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