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    Official For Sale/Trade/WTB/Free Thread

    I met a guy that has a 2007 100-Series (I think it's an LC but could be an LX470) with 72k miles that has an undercarriage that is so rusted out that the brake lines have failed and it only has a parking brake at the moment. Otherwise he says it's in excellent condition. I haven't seen it. He...
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    Overland Expo East

    If the classes don't all fill up the Experience package might be worth it. It would be a bummer though to pay all that money then the classes are booked up. Otherwise hopefully a day pass depending on the price, I guess they didn't price that yet. It would be cool to meet up with you guys
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    Pretty quiet in here... what are you working on?

    Hey all, would you guys do torn/leaking CV Boots now if you had a pending suspension lift, or would you wait until after the lift is complete. It's on a 100-series LC that is getting a 2.5" lift.
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    craigslist cruiser crap

    For your next camping trip, you know you want it
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    White Knuckle Off Road MUD Sale

    :doh: Good point Thanks!
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    White Knuckle Off Road MUD Sale

    I was looking to order DOM. Can that be welded onto in case I want to add custom fender protection later?
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    Hi, any help on my previous post would be much appreciated. My mechanic needs a definitive list for my mods.
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    Electrical Tech Day April 6

    I really wanted to come but sorry to say I have to work tomorrow.
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    What have you done to your 100 Series this week?

    Cool dash switch, where'd you find that?
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    Electrical Tech Day April 6

    I'm planning on attending
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    Any local fluid film applier?

    Hey all, I'm about to do this and had a question that you can hopefully help with. Once Fluid Film has been applied and you get the bottom all muddy, do you wash the undercarriage or just leave it muddy year around? If you wash it, that doesn't wash the FF off too? Do you need to get all the...
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    What's the ultimate suspension setup right now available for the 100?

    Sorry, I meant total life of foam cell shocks (which I'm guessing aren't rebuildable) compared to service interval of remote resi. More great feedback, it shouldn't see much salt, but that could change so not worth risking it.
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    What you need to know about 100 series aftermarket wheel options

    Sorry for piling so many questions in the same post above. Any input you can provide would be really appreciated, I'm having trouble getting answers from the manufacturers.
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    Fluid Film Application Tips.

    Thanks for the clarification. So I shouldn't wash the undercarriage even after mudding, just leave it muddy year around? Do you need to get all the mud off before FF is reapplied the next year?
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