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    Halo Lights - Turn Signal vs Hazard Light

    I'm putting back together a wrecked FJ80, and the previous owners had cut the factory headlight assembly to run aftermarket Halo's similar to the picture below. It appears they have wired the 3 LED running lights (orange arrow), the 2 Halo's (yellow arrow), and the side marker (green arrow) all...
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    Steering Box Fitting Size?

    I'm trying to figure out which of these fittings would be for the low pressure side of the Steering Box. I see there is non-O-Ring and O-Ring styles. I figured there was an easier way that buying all 5 and returning what I don't use. I have an OCD habbit of not taking stuff apart until I have...
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    Things to do with front end apart?

    Hey all! I've never had a FZJ80 before, but I picked one up that was in a front end collision and I'm excited to get it back together. Over the next few weeks I'm sure I'll be posting "hey, what is supposed to go here" threads, so apologies in advance for that. I have a couple questions though...
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    92 FJ80 Power Steering pump suppliers?

    I am interested in this as well. I have so many other things to finish on my rig that I want to buy a good after market pump instead of rebuilding. Hopefully some recommendations come through
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    Wanted  FJ80 Rear E-Locker Motor

    Hey guys, Please keep an eye out for a junk rear axle out of the FZJ or FJ80 series with the rear E-Locker Assembly. My 1996 Motor is shot in mine and it's all I need. Thanks.
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    80 Series Rear E-Locker Housing?

    Yeah I could possibly rebuild it, if I could read the farad values on the caps. And see if i can source those sliding magnets that ride of the armature. The circuit board under the armature is actually broke. As the armature was being tapped out, the bearing for the armature did not let go of...
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    FZJ-80 e-locked rear end in So Cal

    Hey, Pm me back, let's work something out. As long as your sure the motor works just fine, I only need the electric motor, then you can scrap the rest of it. $75... it's going to cost about $14 to ship a 5# box across the country through UPS... I can have a pallet scheduled to pickup the...
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    Figured out why my rear diff won't lock

    Same here... I ended up building a block off plate and permanently locking the fork over by machining a shaft and installing a sleeve on the shaft forcing the fork over into the lock position while I source parts. People look at you funny pulling into parking spots with the rear squealing the...
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    80 Series Rear E-Locker Housing?

    Thanks, that guy had some great wiring for his homebrew controller. Holy cow. That was a new writeup to me, unfortunately no part numbers for anything internal to the actuator motor. I'm sending an email to GS now to see if they'll just sell the motor separately. Thanks
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    FZJ-80 e-locked rear end in So Cal

    PM'd you...
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    80 Series Rear E-Locker Housing?

    Any of you guys know the inside and out of modifying the 80 series rear diff e locker? My electric motor is busted and trying to find other options out there. Has anyone grafted in a small linear air cylinder to actuate the shift fork? I thought about permanently fixing the fork in the locked...
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    E Locker Actuator Rebuild Help

    Made more progress tonight (you could say). I ended up getting the armature free. By lightly tapping on the bottom of the nylon bushing on the back side of the motors worm gear until it got free. More tapping then it suddenly got more free. Well in an 1/8" of movement, I unfortunately found the...
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    E Locker Actuator Rebuild Help

    Thanks. I guess I'll just set it up with the starting exposed lengths for locked and unlocked and use that as a starting point when I get it together. Then I'll pop it back in the diff and fine tune it... I pulled the motor cover off, it was definitely a mess like everyone expected. One or two...
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