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    Joining the ranks...with an 04!

    And all buttoned up.
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    Joining the ranks...with an 04!

    Done the deed and finished her up. Glad to report that the clank I had before is gone. It was definitely between the damaged axle and drive flange. I have taken only a couple pics. I also greased both drive shafts real good. Truck is amazing! I have replaced the upper ball joint boot, as it...
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    Joining the ranks...with an 04!

    And just as I was pressing the post reply button on my last post, this arrived! After I am done with work today, this thing is gonna be in place pulling duty. I love new parts! Makes me feel like it's Christmas...
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    Joining the ranks...with an 04!

    Hey, thanks for the reply there. These trucks are pretty stout. Occasionally, they need some maintenance. The axle issue came about because a gasket was omitted by whomever done service in the past. For 260k miles, this thing is doing pretty well. As far as the rust encapsulator, I think it...
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    Joining the ranks...with an 04!

    Got the axle out yesterday. Made sure to buy a ball join extractor. Hammering gets old quick after having done it so many times like that. The new axle will be here today. I will have this rolling and back on the road in no time. Then off to inspection. My rack is a little leaky. I really...
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    Joining the ranks...with an 04!

    So yesterdayI employed the use of a puller and managed to get the drive flange off. Wasn't pleasant, whatever I found in there! I am inclined to believe that whenever a service was performed on the vehicle, the drive flange gasket was never put back, replaced. It's scary to think, since this...
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    Joining the ranks...with an 04!

    Gents and ladies, I have a new update here and a question. I am due for inspection and my front wheel bearings were a little loose. I found them hand tight on the passenger side and they seem to be even worse on the driver's side. Problem is I could not remove the splined hub flange off the end...
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    #4, 60 series root beer brown, body work and paint

    Great work!
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    Builds 1985 JDM 3B Engine Rebuild and Other Stories

    Pheewww, great job bud! Glad it's fixed and rolling about.
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    Builds HJ60 Snow white

    That my friend, is dedication right there!!
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    FJ60 crew cab truck conversion

    Yeah, please...
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    Adjusting the rear drum from the back, need help.

    was gonna say, you are better off taking off the wheel and drum just like @NMfjCruiser said
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    chassis rust patch

    I also have done the channel repair using TT's kit. Straight forward but a bitch to pull old ones out.
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    SOLD SC: 2006 Land Cruiser Expedition Build

    Now that is a clean frame!!
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    Builds Poppy- '84 FJ60

    Poppy looks awesome!!
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