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    Wanted OEM LX Fog Lights (NJ)

    What year are you looking for. I have a set of 99 lx fog/turns
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    LX 470 grille and headlight housings

    I love the light bar mount but I think the top of the arb bull bar will obstruct it. Would a 24” bar lower be an option?
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    Builds Benjamin’s 3D Prints Build

    Could you make pattern justified to the right and have it says this? HigH N CrawlL
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    LX 470 grille and headlight housings

    Love the way this is looking! I feel clearance light could use some kind of eyelid to match the headlight opening.
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    LX 470 grille and headlight housings

    I'm sure many of us would love to see a pic if you took any!
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    Cedar's key fob build thread

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    LX470 AHC Failure; Land Cruiser with AHC?

    Here is the step by step to determine if there is a difference. Use Toyodiy look up parts for both models and years compare part numbers If the part numbers are the same. They are the same part. If the part number is different. They could be a different part... I only say this because an older...
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    Roof Rack 2000 v. 2003

    LC and LX roof racks are different. LX rack starts 3-4 inches further back on the roof.
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    Baja Roof Rack Fitment on LX470 100 series...quick question

    I have the flat platform baja rack on my 99LX and it was not a straight bolt on. The roof rack mounting positions are different on LC vs LX. The front most bracket on the LX is back 3 or 4 inches. and the holes are 1/4" further apart. I bought one used not knowing there was a difference. In...
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    $11.99 Upgrade Definitely Worth It!

    I just ordered mine and it had a $5 coupon as well! $8.20 out the door
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    Is the TRD supercharger really that bad for the 4.7?

    For anyone wanting to get a super charger. Magnuson, who made TRD superchargers, makes one for the 4.7. Edit: apparently this is no longer listed on their website. Sorry to get peoples hopes up.
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    SOLD WA: James Baroud - Discovery XXL- RTT

    Here are some pics of the inside.
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    Mid Life Adventure 2010 LX570

    Michael's Toyota of Bellevue has new tundra takeoffs for sale from preloading vehicles with different wheels and tires. Just talk to the parts guys.
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