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    Steel half doors

    Thanks. Here is late model style with inner steel cover.
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    Steel half doors

    This is how I do the early model doors. Lines up to meet the tub at the back and retain both of the covers on the inside.
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    Lower door patches: tips, tricks, pitfalls??

    Thanks!! Another reason for me to buy another tool! Might have to try this some time.
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    Lower door patches: tips, tricks, pitfalls??

    So if the black line is my seam, I will tach weld the L stock or square tubing just above the seam. You still have to go slow and stitch weld and let the panel cool down. Plan to work on something else at the same time to give the panels time to cool down to the touch between welding runs...
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    Lower door patches: tips, tricks, pitfalls??

    I have replaced a few bottoms over the years and it can be very time consuming and tedious to get it right. I build half doors and fix bottoms when a set come in needing repair. You can see some of my work in instagram @ ljackhalfdoors. I have also run into problems with replacement panels not...
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    Wanted FJ40 Half doors

    One option for shipping is to look at fastenal shipping, I heard you can ship store to store for a good price. I have seen whole motors shipped from the Midwest to Mew York for about a $150. I have not had a chance to look into that option yet. Also if you cut the the top of the window frame...
  7. Inner latch

    Inner latch

  8. Late model bottom replaced

    Late model bottom replaced

    Real steel patch pannel
  9. Late model top

    Late model top

  10. Late model inside

    Late model inside

    22 gauge, paint ready steel
  11. Late model black

    Late model black

  12. Late model door

    Late model door

  13. Half doors

    Half doors

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    For Sale ARB catchers mask bull bar

    I am undecided if I like those bumpers or not but is across the street local enough, if I make a decision? I have to think about it. Don't hold for me!
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    Wanted FJ40 Half doors

    I build half doors if you have an extra set. Feel free to PM me if your interested. I am also building an extra set of early model doors for Voodoo cruisers. We might be able to let them go also. Thanks Dave
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