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    MUDShip Need a transmission shipped from Montana to Georgia or Freight recomondations.

    I’ve shipped lots of large parts, an engine and tranny/tcase via yrc. Very easy to figure cost if you have the dimensions and weight. And the cost is very reasonable. I shipped a 2F from Dallas to west TN for $125.
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    Wanted  chrome center caps

    Looking for a set of used chrome center caps for the front (open caps) and back. Below is a pic of the back ones that I had on my 40 many years ago. I'm not wanting anything new. Thanks!
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    H55/split case???

    Thanks scraps. I bought the unit thinking that’s what it was.
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    For Sale Tom Hank’s ‘80 FJ40

    Dang, and here I was thinking I was on the leading edge of cruiser news. Should’ve known better!
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    For Sale  Tom Hank’s ‘80 FJ40
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    H55/split case???

    Guys, I need real quick help in confirming that these pics are of an H55/split case combo. It certainly looks like it to me in examining them, but would like confirmation of those who are more experienced in this combo. Thanks in advance! Mike
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    How is everyone doing?

    Are you close to having the 40 running and driving? Remember if you don’t need that 2F PS bracket….
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    How is everyone doing?

    Hard week of PS and lift on 40, fuel pump, filter and cv axles on my daughter’s Ford Escape. Time to laugh at @scrapdaddy posts!
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    How is everyone doing?

    And kombucha!
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    A New 55 Owner Intro (cgn1976 thread)

    To my eyes, both the shock and PS box brackets look good. I’m with @Megadoomer that your issue is probably the box and getting rid of that box and linkages would result in a better system. But, no need to do all that now.
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    Wanted FJ40 rear leaf spring hanger

    Brian, The back hangers are 2” longer than the front. However, I can probably get a front one to work. Let’s see if anyone has the hanger for the back before I commit. Thanks, Mike
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    How is everyone doing?

    That’s fantastic! Congrats to your wife!
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    Wanted FJ40 rear leaf spring hanger

    I would assume they are the same, but I’ll check when I get home. Thanks
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    Wanted  FJ40 rear leaf spring hanger

    Like the title says, I need a the rear leaf spring hanger for an FJ40. I know someone had a new set here a couple of months ago and I can't find them in the classifieds. Anyhow, if anyone has a straight rear leaf hanger for sale, please let me know. Cheers! Mike
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    Builds My 78' Barn find FJ45

    Nice. Didn't know they had a 45 shortbed. Need to get one and the long bed. Our fridge is still sporting the RockAuto magnet with your 45 on it!
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