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    Hi Hi. I’m interested. Could we start a conversation? I can send you my number. Thanks Estavan.
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    WANTED H55f

    Hi Gents. Looking for a H55f for an 1HD-t. This will be going into our FJ40! 😀
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    WANTED H55f

    Hello Gents and Ladies. I’m looking for a H55f. We plan to mate it to a 1 HD-t which is going into our 72 FJ-40. Thanks a lot.
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    For Sale Super Charged Land Cruiser

    Sold. Thank you
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    For Sale Super Charged Land Cruiser

    Sale pending. Thanks
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    For Sale Super Charged Land Cruiser

    lol. Sorry lads. Never write an add with a five and a three year old in the room. Mileage: 221k Price: $9900 Location: Vancouver B.C. Canada.
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    For Sale  Super Charged Land Cruiser

    1998 Land Cruiser with TRD Super Charger. Good condition. No rust anywhere. Very well maintained. I have the service records from the first owner. I am the third owner. The last owner was Rob Lassman, a well known mudder, so it has been very well maintained. No mods. Never taken off road...
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    For Sale 1998 100 sc

    Hi everyone, After a couple of years of owning this rig and a lot of great intentions, I've decided to sell it. Ive put a little bit of work in. New OEM ignition coils, plugs, and battery. It has been garage kept and in awesome condition. It now has 221000 miles. Thanks $10k CND
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    Your 100's as family vehicles

    Family Vehicle....Our only vehicle! I sold our 2008 Acura MDX for a 98 LC. I always wanted one so after much convincing my wife agreed. We love it! We only have the LC. I have two boys. Bad on gas but as I read on a different thread, "You've got to pay to play" Cheers:meh:
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    The MUD 100 series Videos thread

    Best realty TV I've seen since the first episode of Survivor:)
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    For Sale 1998 100 sc

    Thank you very much Rob. Just wanted to thank you for holding this LC for me. It's in such great shape and perfectly looked after. I know you could have sold it for more, so thanks. You are a genuine guy. :cheers:
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