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    Official 80 Series Factory Snorkel Group-Buy Thread

    Add my name to the list - with the same reasonable shipping detail as most others... <edit - per request> 94 FZJ80 Glen Allen, VA Cheers!!!
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    Oklahoma City

    The 2 places my Aunt & Uncle always recommend... Oklahoma City National Memorial - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Age Difference

    Age is strictly a case of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter. -Jack Benny, New York Times (1974) My wife is 13.5 years older than me - we've been together 15 years And everything is still :D and :grinpimp: and :bounce::grinpimp::bounce2: :clap:
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    Yes - Paul Potts is rather amazing. However......... Pavarotti - his last performance as the climax to the Torino Opening Ceremony........ YouTube - Nessun Dorma by Pavarotti at Torino 2006
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    Expedition Tips & Tricks

    Was told once by an experienced traveller that the 3 most important things to carry with you are 1) U.S. dollars 2) Marlboro cigarettes and 3) Playboy magazines. One of those three will get you out of most jams. Thought he was kidding - that is until the federales pulled over the group of US...
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    Set of 80 series wheels

    If you're willing to split the set I'll take 2 to VA 23059. Working on a M101 Trailer Project - not too concerned about appearance... 93 or 94 would work for me - same lug nut - match my 94 80!! CHEERS
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    Pizza Engineering and Cooking

    Local mom-n-pop shop used to make a Greek Pizza: Smoked Gyros meat diced tomato, onion, and garlic spinach feta cheese and the traditional cucumber/yogurt sauce. They were damn delicious - too bad they went out of business a few years ago.
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    5 Stock Wheels and Tires '97 FZJ80 - $450 (Phoenix)

    #3 in line - just in need of 2 rims if split deal helps.
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    My chemistry experiment - gone arie

    Dilution is the solution to pollution - that's the rhyme I always remember. Ditto what has already been said: metal + acid = bad Glad no one was hurt. :cheers:
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    (5) 94 fzj80 wheels & tires

    I'm the other buyer referred to here ... and yes I'm in for the other 3. I'm also only interested in the rims if that helps. Shipping would be to 23059 - or if a commercial destination works out to be less expensive you could send them to me at work at 23005. So - in the immortal words of...
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    94 Toyota Lancruiser (parts) – Fort Worth Tx.

    Any chance on 2 rims (no tires) to VA 23059 or VA 23005??? Cheers!!
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    1994 FZJ80 - Complete - Parting the beast 114K

    I'm still searching for 2 wheels (rims only / no tires) Cheers!!!
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    1994 FZJ80 - Complete - Parting the beast 114K

    2 wheels (no tires) to VA 23005 or VA 23059...... Any chance??? Cheers.
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    LX 450 Wheels and/or 265/75/16 Studded Snow Tires, Oregon

    Normally I'm a function over fashion type of guy....... But I have to draw the line somewhere. Good on you for the bling reversal. Cheers & :beer:s
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    M101CDN parking brake elimination...

    Convince me to keep the brakes on my M101CDN........ So I've had my trailer for about a year - gave myself that much of a grace period to get used to the trailer and thoroughly think out any mods I might make. Like many others here I've decided to swap hubs to match the bolt pattern on...
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