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    Has anyone completely re painted a lx470?

    Wow, nice job... looks very solid. We're pretty close to each other. I'm just west of Round Rock. Where did you end up going for the paint job? Who in Austin were you considering go to otherwise?
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    Loose door handle... opened it and can't find any parts to tighten?

    Hello, I have a loose door handle from a 2003 LX470 and I can't seem to figure out how to tighten it.. or is it not meant to be serviceable? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!
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    Rear Suspension Squeak/Noises

    Had this issue with my 2003 when at around 150,000 miles. What fixed it for me were the rear upper control arms: 48710-60070 48710-60080 The bushings were cracking. I think I had gotten the idea from another post somewhere on the forum about that issue. Mine would happen when going over...
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    replacing AHC globes/accumulators

    Also just ordered. You should get a referral fee from them for driving so much business, LoL. Thank you!
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    Rear Seat Disassembly

    Old thread, but @NicB do you recall any tips before I venture out and try this?
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    Riddle me this: Who puts a 17 year old vehicle in the shop for $3500 "worth" of repairs?

    That looks incredible. Did you get a paint touch up? If so, how much was that?
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    Engine Bay Fuse Box Lid Gasket Replacement

    Ahhh looks like I was supposed to use a quarter to help push it in.
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    Engine Bay Fuse Box Lid Gasket Replacement

    Yeah I used the McMaster part referenced above. Did you use a tool? I used my fingers and lightly used a flat head screwdriver. The seal sat about 0.25-0.50mm above the lip on the track.
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    Engine Bay Fuse Box Lid Gasket Replacement

    Thank you! Just did this procedure. PITA to close the box back. Ended up using a mallet (careful not to crack the plastic cover while doing it though). Hoping this solves my blinking hazard lights after heavy rain / car wash!
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    RPMs while in D at a stop

    Do you mean retightening the frame weight or moving it around?
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    Hazard lights won't turn off? WTF?!

    Same thing happening here too.. only when I take the truck to the car wash or when it rains. Did you find a fix?
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    Anyone run a Yokohama Geolander A/T GO15 on their 100 series?

    Have had these for almost 3 years now.. and 45,000 miles later they seem to be in great shape. Not sure what life they’re built for.. but 60,000-70,000 seems reasonable? Mileage, I get about 12-14 mpg (adjusted for my tire size) depending on how aggressive I’m driving.
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    Grom Vline Group Buy Round 2

    Does your truck have factory backup camera, or 3rd party?
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    LED recommendation for side markers?

    Thank you for all the tips y'all. I ended up buying these: SYLVANIA ZEVO 194 T10 W5W Amber LED Bulb, (Contains 2 bulbs) (Made in Taiwan) Here is the photo after the installation. I like them.. now on to figuring out how to get them to blink when turning.
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    is this possible? modding side markers / corner lamps on LX470 2003+ to blink

    Thank you for helping me here... will study these and see if I have the skills to attempt this.
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