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    PHH Replacement

    Is anybody in the Norfolk/VA Beach interested in replacing my PHH on my 1995 FJ80 1FZ. I’m having some back issues and can’t really get in a comfortable position to do. I’m willing to pay whoever has the time to do it. Thanks. Text me at7576095843 if you are interested. I’m in the East...
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    Chasing overheating problem

    Romer, I did the heater by-pass due to the large amount of coolant leaking, i suspected that this loss of coolant was why I was overheating originally. Yes I meant overflow bottle. Theromstat is about 5 years old, Fan Clutch never messed with it, Coolant in the radiator was low so I added half...
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    Chasing overheating problem

    Did the rear heater by-pass today(PITA), verified all the plumbing was correct from the various threads here on MUD. Started her up and temp gauge reached just below red zone. I did not notice any coolant leaking, I had coolant in the resivior, what is the next logical place to check as I chase...
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    8mpg what to do?

    I just averaged 17 MPG taking my daughter back to college. 340 miles+ on a full tank. Not bad.
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    Universal Joint replacement cost

    What would be a resonable amount for a shop to replace all 4 Universal joints on my 95 LC Locked? I have the parts, but really don't have the time, and its getting cold out on the East Coast. Thanks
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    For Sale FS in WI - 1995 Toyota Landcruiser - Modified - Trail Driven - Cheap

    Motor How much do you want for just the motor?
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    Horn pad contacts

    I would like to check the horn contacts on the steering wheel of my 1995 LC. To get a good look at them I would have to remove the plastic cover over the airbag, I plan on disabling the steering wheel airbag (remove airbag fuse, remove negative battery cable and wait 90 seconds). My question is...
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    Got me some new rubber!!!!!!

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    Stolen Cat. converter pls. help

    Thats crazy, sorry to hear about that.
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    First trip pics - new to me 80

    Sweet Rig!!!!
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    New 80-Series Owner hailing from NJ

    Welcome to the LC Club. May your pockets be deep. J/K, keep up with the PM and the LC will treat you well. This forum has been great, cool people with lots of good advice.
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    Do you hear your knock the entire time after its been started. My wife will bust me ass if this rig needs a new engine. I told her it was just minor so she agreed to let me get another.
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    New ride va beach

    cool, I'll go pick one up. Are you familiar with a leak down test? Thanks Frank
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    I think all the IH8MUD pro have gone to sleep
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    New ride va beach

    I'll post some pics soon. It cleaned up real nice, front seats look like they have new leather. Needs new tires. Hope this is not a money pit.
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