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    fj60 engine upgrade question. gen v

    cool I will check out the link. I have yet to decide between gas and the diesel but am excited to see your build to help make up my mind.
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    fj60 engine upgrade question. gen v

    the 5.3 im looking at doesn't have a transmission with it but if I go that route and do auto I would probably look for the 6 speed that came in the 2014 truck with the original engine. in texas and I have it registered with antique plates so I don't even have to do an inspection to get it tagged.
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    fj60 engine upgrade question. gen v

    true. I am sure not opposed to an automatic just wasn't sure how big a deal it was to change the inside shifter. im sure the clutch pedal can just be removed and maybe I could see how others have done the shifter setup for the gm auto.
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    fj60 engine upgrade question. gen v

    I think I will either pursue the 6bt option or look for a gen 3 engine. the gen v I found just seemed like a pretty good buy with the low mileage but it may create more issues then it is worth.
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    fj60 engine upgrade question. gen v

    did you do the conversion on the 6bt and nv4500? any idea what the approx. cost is for the adapter needed for this setup? and my nv4500 is 2wd but seems like the transmission guy said he could convert it fairly easily.
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    fj60 engine upgrade question. gen v

    hey that is a great thought. I actually have two nv4500 from dodge work trucks that we have owned. I need to ck with the guy that does our transmission work again and see if it can be changed to work with the chevy engine. I also have a h55f but have not been able to out source the bearings...
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    fj60 engine upgrade question. gen v

    found a good deal on a wrecked 2014 gen v 5.3 with a little over 40k miles. has anyone done one of these with the stock 4 speed and transfer case? couldn't find anything on the gen v on here unless im searching it incorrectly. and didn't see an adapter from aa for the gen v. I also am...
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    Parting Out Parting Out 1987 FJ60, 189k miles, Blue/Grey Interior

    How much for exhaust manifold shipped to Amarillo Texas.
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    Parting Out looking for fj60 or fj62 hood

    we found one in fort Collins. thanks for the reply.
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    Parting Out  looking for fj60 or fj62 hood

    wondering if any one has a hood that is in good shape between fort Collins Colorado and Amarillo texas. we travel there and back often to visit son. thanks
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    help with temp control adjustment

    awesome, thanks for the quick reply sir.
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    help with temp control adjustment

    the switch will go all the way to the cold side but wont go past about midway back to the heat side. is it a cable that operates it and if so is it a universal part or oem only.. got nothing in my search
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    What bolts are used for third row seats

    Does any one know what bolt and length that is used to bolt third row seats down on the inside fender well.
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    For Sale Fender Flare Trim Gasket Set

    I need a set. how much are you wanting shipped to texas
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    Video request - 315s, stock gears, stock engine

    can you give me a short run down on what all it takes to swap in the vortec. and what exact engine you recommend. I am looking at trying to get a deal on a crate engine and maybe doing the swap myself if I think I can handle it. I have all the tools and engine hoist etc. and a shop to do it...
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