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    River thread

    Locust Fork in Black Warrior River basin
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    What did you do with your 60 this weekend?

    A good reason to stick with OEM on the belts, knowing that they are correct.
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    2 f machine work needed in northeast arkansas

    Contact @FJ60Cam at Mosley Motors MOSLEY MOTORS, just across the river in Memphis.
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    New 60 in the house - Little Red

    3FE 👍
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    Advice for Replacing Valve Cover Gasket FJ62

    Won't work with a 3FE because of the intake, etc. that have to be removed.
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    This thread is for the birds

    Nest of Eastern Bluebird eggs.
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    External water temperature gauge

    I have an Autometer with electric sending unit mounted in one of the ports on the head. Been there for 200+k miles without any issues. I can watch the temp rise as the engine warms and tell when the t-stat is about to open. Water temp hits about 200 then drops. Good to have a second gauge to...
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    Random Picture Thread

    Waterfall Cave and the ephemeral stream that forms down slope during wet weather.
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    Plant Dorks Unite

    Rue anemone from N Alabama
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    Plant Dorks Unite

    Trillium from N Alabama
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    What Have You Done During the Lockdown you wouldn't Normally do?

    So you're eyeing Mississippi (Alabama is closed)?
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    What have you done to your Land Cruiser this week?

    Gassed it up. Since it lacks good lights, registration, insurance, and is driven only on the farm I added a reflective triangle. It's now an ag vehicle :lol: Filling up right along with another tractor.
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    ‘81 FJ60 brake pedal lost all resistance and goes to the floor

    Time for a new master cylinder.
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    FJ62 H55F conversion using late 60 tcase - FJ62 speedo cable okay?

    I don't know which speedo gear ratio I have in my t-case, FJ60 or 62 because I've swapped parts around. The nylon speedo gear is a 6x16 and smaller in diameter than another I have on hand (I think this on is a 8x16). With 4.11s and 255/85/16s my speedo is only off by 1-2 mph as checked against...
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    Best News Headlines

    Happy ending.
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