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    Painting an 85 Copper 60

    This barn sounds like a wonderful place to spend some time. Great people, trucks and drinks. You could sell tickets.
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    For Sale 1986 diesel 60 complete

    Hmm. Let's see. Snake blinders, original radio, mudflaps. Worth more than the cost of entry.
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    Sagging Headliner

    Wow. That's unfortunate. But good you got it pinned back up for now. Do you know what vendor sold that headliner?
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    Building a 2H

    Beautiful. Nice work. When can I send mine over? Haha.
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    Sagging wipers - FJ60

    More likely it's the wiper transmission, inside the cowl. Lots of threads on it, but there are bushings part of that assembly that fail and result in sloppy wipers. The whole unit can be removed with the motor once the wiper shaft housings have been unscrewed from the cowl. Someone on here...
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    3b swap into a FJ 62?

    I had an '81 BJ60 years ago, my first Land Cruiser. It ran fine and was fun to drive, but it had the 4 speed from factory. I think the H55F first gear is too low for daily road driving. I really wish my H55F had the same gearing as the H42, just with the overdrive. I don't wheel, so that really...
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    Painting an 85 Copper 60

    Oh, I have not been holding out at all. I have a woodwork company and I spray wood finishes when my part-time finisher can't keep up. So when I have 4 cups on the go, that probably includes a sealer, lacquer, primer, colour top-coat or something else. I was only trying to suggest that the RPS...
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    3b swap into a FJ 62?

    I put 2H into an FJ60. I don't daily drive it or anything, at least not yet. But when I do, it's really slow. It takes about 30 minutes of driving to get accustomed to the lack of acceleration. But after that, it's kinda fun. I was extremely meticulous with the swap, and it went super smooth...
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    Painting an 85 Copper 60

    Well, I've switched to the Sata RPS cups. They make adapters to fit almost any gun, so it's the cost of the cups after that. Cleans up is a breeze. That said, I switch colours and materials a lot (sometimes have 4 different cups going between 2 or 3 guns), so this is a huge timesaver. But even...
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    Anyone keep their spare tire inside the cargo area?

    I'm going to add another vote for the factory spare lift/carrier. If you have one in good shape, well lubricated, it's a really easy task to raise and lower the spare. No crawling on your back, just slide it under, push the bar on the end of the chain through the centre bore of the rim and crank...
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    Painting an 85 Copper 60

    Wow. That's looking amazing, Jimmy. Nice work so far. I'm getting inspired to spray my truck when the time comes! I agree that the gun makes a huge difference. I spray woodwork finishes regularly, my go-to gun is a Kremlin HVLP unit. I've tried some other guns and things just got way harder to...
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    Letter "G" on a 60?

    Is the fender completely rust free? Then trade me for my vented, rust-free fender. AFAIK, no Canadian 60 series trucks had fender vents.
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    The 60 Series Dingo Build

    Vancouver here too. Keep the updates coming!
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    stuck hvac selector

    This is your most likely scenario. There are clips that hold the cable in position, so that any force you're putting on the level is not wasted in bulging the cable, but is moving the flaps. They are usually metal, about 1/2" wide that the cable snaps into. All those plastic bits that you were...
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    Hose clamps & engineering

    You could also look at ABA clamps. All stainless steel. Worm style, but the groove do not get cut all the way through the band so they are smooth on the inside. They come in different widths too so you can get some nice, small ones for things like the 5/8" heater hoses. I used these everywhere...
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