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    Suzuki Samurai Leg Room?

    I had to do two fairly simple mods: risers out of square tube to move the seat a few inches back on the rails, and spacers made out of 3/16" barstock to raise the front mounts about 1.5", to tilt the seat front up and reduce the angle of my ankles on the pedals (and support my legs better)...
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    Suzuki Samurai Leg Room?

    As a 6'6" guy who thinks samurais are pretty neat, I figured out that, apparently, there are some tabs on the seat rails that can be bent for an extra 3-4" of leg room over just means literally zero room behind you in the back seat. Ironically, that means it's super easy to get way...
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    Sustainable "SHTF"/Self Reliance Utility 4WD Vehicle

    To echo the opinions so far, FJ60: parts are hard to find/take time to be shipped to you, and they're expensive, but once you've gotten it 'finished,' you don't have to replace anything other than fluids, bulbs, and tires regularly (but, you can and will still break things if you take the thing...
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    Question about recurve ?

    Keeping the stock curve and changing your fuel with altitude isn't going to be a great solution. Without EGR, the problem isn't that the stock curve is too much advance at all engine speeds, but rather that there's too much at some RPMs and too little at others. That means if you adjust the...
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    Walker Replacement Exhaust

    About 8 years ago, I figured out that the tailpipe had rusted completely off of the muffler on my new-to-me FJ60, and ended up getting a new muffler and tail pipe, and they were Walker bolt-ons for not a ton of money, I think from O'Reilly. Except for a couple of dents from rocks on the trail...
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    Carb to EFI Oon an '87 ???

    Couple questions, since 85 should run okay in a stock carb setup, even at sea level, since the 2F has such low compression from the factory... 1. What kind of EFI conversion? 2. How did the old setup 'not like' 85 octane? Was it pinging? Depending on your EFI setup, running 85 could be as...
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    Metal Roof Top Tents in Lightning Country

    You could ground your RTT to the vehicle, in which case if you're hit, you'll be better off than in a ground tent with an aluminum frame (i.e. most of them). The top of your RTT will still be taller than a ground tent, but 6 feet of difference is way less than the randomness in the height of...
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    Rear Lap Belt Sticking

    Do your retractors (the end that the belt winds inside of) have plastic guides where the belt comes out from between the seat bottom and back? If not, you might be eligible for a recall, in which case Toyota is obligated to install new ones for you for free. If they've already had the recall...
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    H55, Manual Transfer Case and everything needed to convert. Value?

    Consider this: if you want a five-speed in a 60 or 62, there are only really options. 1. Buy a new OEM one and the bits to actually make it work for ~$3000 (possibly slightly less if you have a late 85-87 FJ60, definitely more if it's an earlier 60 or a 62 because they can't borrow as many...
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    Can you clean a Specter water can of gas?

    Unless it's life or death, you're not going to want to put potable water in that jerry can ever again. It might be physically possible to get it clean 'enough,' but unless you consider your time literally worthless (and you want to buy a bunch of specialized equipment and/or cleaning supplies)...
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    Let's talk about axes

    I have one of the big Fiskars splitting axes. Generally pretty happy with it, even though it picked up a chip pretty darn early on, but it's pretty terrible for any sort of hewing; too heavy, wrong geometry, etc. Also, most of my firewood cutting is to feed my tiny, tiny, tiny Cubic Mini Stove...
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    Diesel heater

    Throw a turbo on that heater! If it works on a 3B, it'll work on a heater too, right?
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    Opinions on Jeep TJ's?

    Lots of offroading close to home? TJ. Mostly pavement pounding and longer trips for more camping/expedition type offroading? 4runner, any day of the week. Want big tires right away? Unless you really luck out with a rear dana 44 in a TJ, the 4runner is going to handle bigger tires with stock...
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    In case you’re wondering; (wheel fitment)

    So, with those wheels, you have plenty of clearance around the tie rod ends and calipers? Do you know what the backspacing is on those wheels?
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    what would you replace your TLC with ?

    Very interesting! What was limiting the pinzes and the mog? Weight, lack of flex, or something else?
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