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    69058-90A02 Fuel Door Lock Cylinder 8/80 - 1991 FJ60 , 61 and 62 series was Disc, / NLA Friday ,

    I was told by a local locksmith that ASP inc ( has the best quality locks aside from an OEM. It looks like they make a fuel door lock for the J6x too
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    1995 22re 4runner M/T Won't start this may not be your exact issue, but it was a game changer for me. HTH
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    Koito/OEM h4 headlight install - where does this plug go??

    I've had problems with headlight bulbs burning out quickly when I haven't used dilectric grease on the headlight connectors. I'd recommend cleaning the old dilectric grease off and putting some new stuff on there when you change the bulbs.
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    FJ62 - shorten crank to start time??

    I'd do ground cables too. @Fourrunner makes a good kit if you don't want to make your own.
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    FJ62 - shorten crank to start time??

    Have you replaced/checked your larger gauge wires/connections?
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    Any heard of “A rusted development” shop?

    It's a similar situation. Neither the 1UZ nor the 1FZ came with a manual transmission in the US. It takes some knowledge of the Toyota parts system to put together all the parts from Toyota (some are probably discontinued). FJ Company makes a bellhousing to mate a H series to the 1FZ. Dellow in...
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    2UZ-FE + h55f in FJ60

    I don't know who would be the best distributor would be, but all4swap out of Russia makes a piggyback module that allows the UZ ECU to work with a manual transmission.
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    1990 FJ62 A/C Compressor According to the TSB attached to the third post, 1990 did have a different compressor
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    1st gen 4runner Tow wire harness, any recommendations? Only needs a ground & a couple holes
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    FJ60 R134 conversion from R12

    If you look at the TSB (technical service bulletin) that was posted, it has contains some part numbers for conversion kits. I haven't personally tried ordering any though.
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    Felt knuckle seals caught fire

    Post up some pictures of the carnage when you get a chance, it might help us help you.
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    60 Wheels + tires question

    I'll echo the other folks' sentiments. The tires by themselves have decent value. The wheels are what kill the deal for multiple reasons.
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    Fj60 Solutions

    @ChaserFJ60 what paint did you use for the bezel? The color match looks really good.
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    Fj60 Solutions

    If you're getting a bigger printer...
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    Another FJ62 Rough Idle Thread

    I know that people have, but I personally have not. Much more commonly done with the 22RE (very similar EFI system).
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