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    For Sale Colorado - FJ62 axles with 4.10s

    I think I sent a message, did you see that? I might’ve messed up the PM feature, though
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    Most economical Toyota diesel land cruiser engine for a 60 series in terms of fuel efficiency

    I have a bj60 and I think I get like 19 mpg highway on a good day. I just installed 4.10 gears so I’m hoping it will improve around town driving, but I’m not sure how mpg will be affected. If I could do it all over I would get a 2h rig no questions asked
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    How bad, really, are NAPA/O'Reilly/etc. calipers?

    Just got one oreilly one and one autozone one a few months ago when I installed stainless brake lines. They’re awesome! In all actuality, calipers are very simple in function and aren’t worth overpaying for if you’re going for oe-spec performance! Get whatever makes sense for you. I went with...
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    Wanted Fj62 4.10 3rd members

    Called you today! -G
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    Wanted  Fj62 4.10 3rd members

    Hey y'all. I'm looking to get some 4.10 gears into my BJ60 and it seems like FJ62 3rd members would be the easiest option. Please let me know what you've got! Garrett
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    1984 BJ60 Build Thread

    @georgebj60 Yeah, I remember that price was certainly wishful thinking.. it was one of those things where once I started going down the list of problems, the price had to change or it was gonna be a no sale. Although to be honest, after all the money I have put into parts, fuel on the way home...
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    1984 BJ60 Build Thread

    This photo show my truck as it currently sits. The janky bull-bar has been cut, a Toyota logo now sits on the grill. Cosmetically, it is basically the same as when i bought it with some minor improvements. Today marked a really big step forward for my project. I have purchased a lot of paint...
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    1984 BJ60 Build Thread

    in August of 2017, I flew my naive, 21 year old self up to Calgary, AB and purchased a 1984 BJ60 that is an absolute nugget. This forum and it's member's have been an indispensable asset and I am very grateful to you all for your help. This has been an ongoing build. Since first buying the...
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    Windshield Wiper Arm Bushing

    I'm sincerely sorry my purchase was such an ANNOYANCE to you. I tried to support a forum vendor first and waited a reasonable amount of time before providing negative feedback. I hope your 80 series adventures are doing better than your customer service!! -G
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    Windshield Wiper Arm Bushing

    I'm not here to damage a reputation, I just felt that my purchase did not matter to you at all. - Garrett
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    Windshield Wiper Arm Bushing

    I really do appreciate the refund. This would have been a more amicable had you just responded to one of the several PM's that I sent you. Please note that the Ih8mud conversation said that you had read my original message and much of my frustration is based on that and the fact that you didn't...
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    Windshield Wiper Arm Bushing

    Waste of money for me. I am unimpressed with the product and just as unimpressed with the vendor who seems to be unwilling to get back to me after I reached out to them regarding my negative experience. I did consider that it could be user error and also received no reply when asking for advice...
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    Axle spindle scratch/groove

    Seriously don’t stress anything. Everything is looking fine. No chamfer looks too worn—Don’t waste any money
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