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    And so it begins ... again. (Heritage style)

    Hello Dan, Congratulations! I think that was a great idea and gives you a new LC200 before they will stop being produced in the US or potentially moves toward only available in the LX platform. I have not read much about the LC300, but I am not sure it will be available in the US market? Even...
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    And so it begins ... again. (Heritage style)

    Hey Dan, How are you my friend? I did not realize you got yourself a new LC200 HE - awesome news! :) I just turned to 19,000 miles on my 2018 LC200 and I am still loving it. I will likely keep it forever, or as much as I can. I will definitely need to subsribe to this thread. You ever miss your...
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    YotaMD 200 Series Titanium Fob Shell Kit

    Me too! I have been eagerly waiting since I got my 2018 LC200 two years ago.
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    YotaMD 200 Series Titanium Fob Shell Kit

    No, the 2018-2020 key fob is different than the 2016-2017 version. I looked into it earlier in the thread - can't wait for something to be available for 2018+!!!
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    2017 Land Cruiser - LED lights blinding people?

    I also sometimes get people who flash me as well and I have BFG AT KO2s and that's it. I'll have to look into aiming them down slightly on my 2018.
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    Giving Thanks...

    I have been "sober" now for almost a year. HAHA! 🙃 I do miss my LR4, but I definitely made the best decision going with the LC200. Unless they drastically change the Land Cruiser, I will probably be an owner for life.
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    Giving Thanks...

    I feel the same way! I joined last year when I got my 2018 LC200 and it's been such a great experience. Like you, I had a Land Rover (2 of them actually in a few years) and was very active on those forums. I had a heavily modified 2013 Land Rover LR4 that I LOVED to pieces, but I made the switch...
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    Welcome to the 200 Series Forums: Start Here and Read First

    Welcome! You will love the LC200 and never look back. Congratulations on finding one in your area. My main residence is up in MA, but I spend part of the time down south on the LA/AR border, so we aren't terribly far away! :)
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    Potential New Owner

    Ah yes, I forgot about that! :)
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    2019 200 LC Check Engine and Limp Mode this morning

    Thanks for this thread, it was really inreresting. I have heard good things about those battery-operated boxes that mount under the hood and emit a sonic signal and light up every few minutes. Lots of people say they work really well. I've also seen a really good peppermint-based spray that...
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    Potential New Owner

    I got my 2018 left over last year and have loved it! I was a long-time Land Rover person and made the switch to the LC200 and have not looked back since. I'd recommend going with a 2016+ as that is the year they made some changes and it has remained the same up until the present time. It's funny...
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    About time I joined the club

    Beautiful photos! :) My LC200 has not seen snow this year at all since I have it down in Lousiana. I would love to explore a few easy/moderate trails that do not require a lot of modification, but just have not had time yet. Anyone in northwest Louisiana know of any such trails?
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    New 200-series offerings

    This was awesome - thanks so much! My 2018 LC200 is still stock except for tires, but will likely do some modifying in the future. Do you sell those for shipping or are they only available at your dealership in Indiana?
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    Toyota Entune

    Howdy! I have not had a chance to use it much, but I actually do not find it very helpful or useful. I may not have the latest app (not good with technology), but also curious if others use it. From what I can see, it only has a destination search, fuel guide, sports, stocks, and you can link...
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    New shoes for LC200

    Looks great! I hope you are doing well. I love my KO2s on my LC200. I have not been in MA the past month, spending some time in Louisiana. I drove the LC200 and it did great. I'm back in December, but not with the LC200, maybe I will see you.
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