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    UAE eBay Parts?

    I bought parts from UAE on eBay, without problems. One interesting note: I ordered a body panel, advertised as OEM, and it took quite some time to arrive. When it finally arrived, it was indeed OEM but it had originated in Iran, then shipped to UAE and then to me. I have also used Megazip and...
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    Wanted Fuel tank skid plate/cover 79+ FJ40/BJ42

    PM sent.
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    Wanted Fuel tank skid plate/cover 79+ FJ40/BJ42

    Still looking…
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    Wanted Fuel tank skid plate/cover 79+ FJ40/BJ42

    Here she be:
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    Wanted  Fuel tank skid plate/cover 79+ FJ40/BJ42

    Looking for one of these in decent shape. Does not need to be perfect, just solid. Thanks.
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    Where is the best place to buy a Half Tub from for my 77' 40?

    Reviews on 1/2 tubs from the handful of existing suppliers in business right now are mixed to say the least. Poor fit, poor finish, use of thin steel, dimensions being off, are all common complaints it seems. I looked at several suppliers when I needed a new tub, and even considered piecing one...
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    Diesel Swapping FJ40

    Whether the 3B will have enough power for you is pretty subjective. Personally, I have never driven an LC that was not powered by a 3B - 42, 60 and 70 series. I put over 300k on the 60, probably 200 on the 70, including cross-country trips in both. I used the 60 to tow a trailer from Halifax to...
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    Septic tank Ecoflo peat question

    These systems are widely used here in Atlantic Canada and I have installed a bunch of them. We only use them when we can’t get something else on the lot. The costs are just so high, as you know. The maintenance is key. A co-worker ignored this and it cost her $15k to repair and remediate. The...
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    FJ40 after market power steering?

    Alkosto (the newsprint it is sitting on) is a Columbia retail chain, if my memory is correct.
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    I finally started my tear down on my 1/1979 FJ40.

    I picked up a used Aqualu tub a few years ago and got a great deal because the PO had not coated it properly and there was galvanic corrosion to the point that I decided to cut out part of the floor pans and weld in new aluminum pieces. I coated and prepared the tub properly and have had no...
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    "A" Pillar Repair

    Archie73's work is nicer than mine, but here is how I tackled it. The torpedo panels were new old stock. Also, What Deadsalt says is very helpful. I had problems getting things to square up and had to cut out work and start over because of the "slumping" he describes.
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    "A" Pillar Repair

    I can get some pics later today. Yes, I replaced both cab mounts, most of the lower floor section and both A pillars, extending it below the floors to provide a second mounting point. The cab mounts started out as 1x3” rectangle tube that I cut to the correct thickness and braced internally for...
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    "A" Pillar Repair

    I just did this repair before attaching an Aqualu 3/4 tub. I used 16 gauge metal. With a grinder, metal brake and a mig welder the repairs were not difficult, just very time consuming given the extent of the repairs I had. Pretty much all of my cowl was rotten from the lower hinge down. And...
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    Chassis paint recommendation

    I have used KBS Coatings products on two builds. Easy to apply and good coverage. So far, I am happy with the results.
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    Soft top side mirror - anyone use these?

    OEM is great, but costs have become crazy compared to 30 years ago when I bought my BJ60. Now, restoring a 42 I fabricate most of what I need and look for less costly alternatives for everything else. I take the point on the small mirror heads. But if the arms work, I’m sure better mirrors can...
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