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    Northwest Fabrication adapters? It lists the FJ80 in the drop-down menu it's an additional 950.00. I'm not sure if it will accept the later T-case 95-97> I emailed them and I'm waiting to hear back from them at this point,
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    Northwest Fabrication adapters?

    It listed the FJ FROM THEIR WEB SITE.... With additional crawl and low range options limited for the Land Cruiser enthusiasts, we decided to bring the Blackbox proven strength, low range, and versatility to the ‘cruiser market. We focused our efforts on the common 19 spline ‘split-case’...
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    Northwest Fabrication adapters?

    Question, Has anyone used the Northwest Fabrication “Black Box” as an adapter for a LS 6l80-90 swap? Domestic Transmission adapted to Cruiser transfer case using the BlackBox: This is the ticket if you are re-powering your cruiser. Pop an LS and GM automatic into your FJ, and you’re looking at...
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    BoiseCruiserHeads first meetup

    Just wanted to thank Ian and Adam. It was great to meet you guy’s this evening!
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    BoiseCruiserHeads first meetup

    I'll make it..
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    Official Classifieds Thread

    Do you want to sell that 80??
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    Long lost quest for motivation

    I was putting the Parttime kit on my list of must do's. Thanks for the insight!
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    Should I, or should I not buy this 97 LX450?

    I've seen quite a few LX in that color. I would jump on that!
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