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    California Title and Registration of Diesels

    Thanks guys.
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    California Title and Registration of Diesels

    Is anyone aware of issues with selling a cruiser already legally titled in CA? I am relocating to NY and considering selling my BJ74 in CA given how difficult it is now to get one there. Would rather it stay in CA and just get another one in NY. But if the risk of it getting caught under the...
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    Vendor Buyer Beware Information?

    I fully support you Steve in this. I can see why it would make some people uncomfortable, since you're also in the business of importing and selling JDM Land Cruisers, but I have to say, if someone is being knowingly dishonest about what they're selling, they don't deserve to be selling it. The...
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    eBay 77 Series ...

    @mudandrock Thanks -- this is exactly the kind of info that we're all curious about. Explains a lot. When this info isn't volunteered, it only makes people suspicious (or it makes me suspicious, anyway). Sounds like everyone had really good intentions and life realities have just gotten in the...
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    eBay 77 Series ...

    The negativity here comes from a group of enthusiasts disappointed that such a promising truck hasn't found a proper home, and that it's on the market in a way that doesn't appear to be honest or transparent. In the eBay ad the only mention of rust is "NO rust" (twice) which is, I'm sorry to...
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    eBay 45K Prado

    Nobody said ugly snorkels came cheap.
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    For Sale FS in August: 1991 Toyota Landcruiser HZJ77

    Somebody turbo'd it and cleaned up the frame and suspension a bit but it looks like the rear quarters were just covered over with fiberglass panels, so there might be rust hiding underneath. Hard to tell from the photos.
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    For Sale FS in August: 1991 Toyota Landcruiser HZJ77

    Looks like this one's back up for sale already: Toyota: Land Cruiser ZX
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    Exterior Cover?

    Much obliged. I'll check them out.
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    Exterior Cover?

    Anyone have a good exterior cover for their 70 that they like? Obviously I don't expect to get one that fits perfectly, but would like something for my BJ74 that isn't completely the wrong size, while also high quality. I park my truck outside quite a bit. Thanks.
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    For Sale 1990 Toyota LJ78 Landcruiser Prado, only 118k miles!

    To the seller: I think your problem (and a problem that other sellers have run into around here) is that you've listed the truck in a way that advertises it for the general public, which basically assumes that the people looking at the ad know very little about the truck. That's very much the...
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    Side Defrosting Duct

    Thanks for this. Added to my list of things to check/do when I tear my dash apart (again).
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    For Sale 1985 FZJ-75 on ebay

    ...and it's already up to 20k...
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    For Sale  1985 FZJ-75 on ebay

    Interesting Troopy: 1985 Toyota Land Cruiser LANDCRUISER TROPPIE WAGON
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    For Sale 1990 HZJ73 RHD with Elockers and Safari Turbo

    Nice to see the OEM flare still in place :)
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