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    craigslist  Barrington IL - 2005 Land Cruiser 1 owner

    Not mine. Looks to be legit and clean.
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    Registry 80 Series Registry

    No longer have the truck, but they were 315/75/R16
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    Illinois Questions from a Texan

    Just to help you out here, I wouldn't believe anything that you read or hear from Arlington Toyota. They used to be a good dealership, but the management has turned it to s***. I'd go by the actual ILCS. Illinois General Assembly - Illinois Compiled Statutes The antique plates are not a...
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    Illinois Questions from a Texan

    If you do ALL the windows of the truck the same (minus the windshield), you can have 35% VLT all-around. Otherwise 50% on the fronts is it. As far as the northern suburbs... most of these guys live south or southwest of Chicago, in what I think of as God's country. I'm up north not too far...
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    Lift Kit

    Also, the BP at Lake and Skokie in Wilmette is a good shop. Bill, the owner, did some good work on my FJ62 in the past. They can handle an FJC lift.
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    Shop that applies Fluid Film in NW Suburbs?

    With the cost of fluid film being what it is and not readily available around here outside of small spray cans, you may want to purchase a 5 gallon or larger container of it and either DIY or bring your own product to any local shop.
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    Tech Day / Wrench Night 2018

    So noted. I can also bring a plasma cutter if needed.
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    "thump" when raising the rear window

    License plate screws hitting the window? I think the dent in the tailgate is the first place you look, and I bet the noise will be related.
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    What's the magic number?

    Send that guy my number. :rofl:
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    Locker Install shop needed

    This place has been in business forever in the north side of the city. Never took my truck there though... Chicago Auto Repair | Thom's Four Wheel Drive
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    Locker Install shop needed

    You underestimate the power of the force. I totally set up gears for people all the time - I even extended the warranty on my labor to 20 miles.
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    Can anyone help pick up a transmission and get it to fastenal?

    Where in Elgin? I will be in Elgin for few days next week. I also have a Fastenal location down the street from me. I have a GX470, if its on a pallet already it won't fit. If two meat heads can muscle it into my cargo area without damaging my cream puff Lexus, I'd be down to help for a...
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    New to me 2008 GX470 Sport

    Congratulations! That is the twin brother of my 2009 GX Sport. I have all of the FSM for the KDSS system downloaded if you need it. PM me if you don't figure out the fuse / no light issue.
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    Serpentine Belt Tensioner Replacement

    I just replaced the tensioner pulley on my 2009 GX470 (same engine except with VVTi and much less clearance for you to work in). According to Toyota, Dayco is the OEM manufacturer for the tensioner assembly. My tensioner was is good shape, but the pulley bearing wasn't. I was unable to source...
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    Oil Filter Sizes

    The bulk oil purchased by the dealers is usually based upon price first. All of the bulk oils available to dealerships and shops meet manufacturer specs. Ironically, the oil sold by the parts department is usually Mobil 1 synthetic, or the Toyota branded oil which is manufacturered by Mobil.
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