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    Mounting crap on an FJ55

    Search Cargo Storage Project posted January 13 2018. I store more crap back there than necessary but the flexibility of removing one of those long plastic totes and putting my shotgun and/or bow in it's place is what works for me...
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    You all knew this day was coming…..

    That day is coming for us all brothers. Enjoy your rides and mostly your families while you can - time is moving quicker than we think....
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    Fantastic Voyage

    A truly wonderful story. Not too many wives would be down for this kind of adventure / trip so hats off to your lady...
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    The Mule / 73’ with a past?

    You are starting off light years ahead of 90% of where most of us started... What part of North Carolina?
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    How far will you go with your wagon

    Mine goes hunting and to the Lowe's just cruising the smaller roads in my mountain town in NC. I do not feel comfortable driving mine on any highway as the typical speeds of modern cars on highways here is 70 to 100 mph. Mine likes no faster than 55 mph. Any faster and I question the safest of...
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    PART 2 - How Many FJ55s still on the road in USA ?

    We can speculate about the overall numbers but I think we can agree there's more out west. Another way of viewing this: If each state had 10 (500) If each state had 5 (250).... Again, these are registered and drivers not parts vehicles. Agree that there are owners who do not know about the...
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    PART 2 - How Many FJ55s still on the road in USA ?

    Gentlemen, Roughly 8 years ago, (March of 2013) I asked the question "how many FJ55s are still on the road (United States) - registered and drivable..." Some replies indicated 1000+ while others felt like 300 was more accurate. I have had the good fortune of living and working all over the...
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    For Sale Portland, OR (Vernonia), 1973 FJ55, white (not mine)

    Looks pretty crunchy
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    For Sale BAT has another pig

    Beautiful. Too beautiful for this guy... My rig hauls lumber atop the roof rack, goes to the rabbit hunting holes and most of all is the doggie mobile. I like the white dash though.
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    For Sale Not Mine- North Bay Craigslist $6500

    He's definitely put a lot of work (and money) into it. Damn that front bumper though...
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    For Sale Two Pigs San Diego, CA (Not MIne)

    They must have accidentally added an extra zero at the end of their price...
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    anybody ever put an fj40 fuel tank in an fj55?

    Interesting timing as I am closing in on having to grapple with my fuel tank issues as well. Last night I received delivery of my AN6 to 3/8" barbed fuel connector and will be installing a 100 micron pre fuel pump filter to hopefully screen out the bigger debris coming from my fuel tank. I have...
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