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    SAS Solid Axle Summit #4 Official Thread 2020

    Stop by the house if you and buddy want to have a beer I’m right of 70 in Grand Junction
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    For Sale DE / '95 with 123k miles, aftermarket ARB lockers

    Heater valve and hoses are original any hose with a cotter pin is original. Look at the phh which is above the starter if it has cotter pin it is original. I would save a couple grand to get everything under the hood fresh.
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    LX450 locking differential conversion parts list and good pictures?

    Arbs are stronger and if you do wheel and twist shaft you won’t have that issue.
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    PHH clamp tightness

    I like to use the Toyota spring clamps I don’t see point in the fancy clamps . I have never had issue with reg hose clamps and def haven’t had issues with the Toyota spring clamps.
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    PHH clamp tightness

    Check Um after a few heat cycles
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    What are you guys doing for insurance – do any of you have an agreed-upon value for your rig?

    I have farmers, my house and two other vehicles, my agent agreed on 15k value. I don’t pay that much for that. Was pretty easy to do, told me go with hagerty if I want higher. I have no restrictions on mileage either
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    Front Main Seal Swap - P/Ns, Tools, and WIINThere...?

    I have had good luck with using a electric 1/2 inch impact gun from snap on. No extensions on it just socket, hold the pulley with leather glove on your hand. on last one I did it took it a sec then zipped it right off. Have also done starter bump. To reinstall I have used impact socket jammed...
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    RTH axle seal

    You can as stated above need to put the seal into different spot, u could do this multiple ways, a socket could damage it depending how well you can do something gently, a long time ago I bought the harbor freight seal and race driver kit for round 20 some bucks. It has a driver that fits these...
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    RTH: Terrible brake noises when driving [SOLVED]

    If the races are not properly seated fully could put the alignment off, had this issue with rear caliper and rotor once. Reseated the inner race and noise went away. Or like said above wheel bearing could be loose.
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    Low, lopey idle after long trip

    My codes 25 and 26 were due to old o2 sensors, did you get ntk sensors? How does the wiring and the connection for the sensor look, no corrosion or water?
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    My observation for doing quick phh

    I have found that the silicone hoses tend to weep till you get them perfect, I’ve never had issue with gates hose so I just go to that. I feel the phh is easy if you have correct tools, my truck is also lifted so I can sit in the wheel well and have easy access to it. I’m also a aviation...
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    Baffling Sequence of CEL on 1993 Cruiser

    I had codes 25 26 which is lean and rich new o2s from yota cleated them up and never got again. Look over the o2 harness good might have rubbed a wire over the tranny hump. If you are gonna do a lot of deep water might be good idea to put your o2s up in the manifolds in the engine bay. I’ve had...
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    One hose rear heat delete napa style

    Well it was time to replace my rear heater hose at the firewall that feeds the valve. I first did this back in 08 and felt it was time to replace. Went to the local napa and went on search with the parts guy and came up with this. No idea what it is for and I’d did not have to modify at all. Got...
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    HELP - 97 New rebuild, stumbles when I give it gas

    I’ve set the tps with just a multi meter and follow the fsm and been successful, did you check your timing?
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