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    Tall Corn Cruiser Classic 2016

    hows the weather? trying to get my 4runner done. but not worth the trip if it rains at all down there as its just a stock 97 limited
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    Parting Out  90 4runner sr5

    green rusty nice tan interior no motor, still has 5spd/case 3" lift feel free to text or call 319-239-9397
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    For Sale  3.4 5spd swap iowa

    have a complete 3.4 and 5spd from a 98 4x4 4runner I do not need anymore. came from a running truck with about 220k on it would like gone as a whole but will sell motor separate $1000 for trans swap $300 motor $1200 together
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    For Sale Cannon 20R intake for weber downdraft

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    For Sale  Cannon 20R intake for weber downdraft

    $150 shipped for members (I have it on ebay right now for $200) everything in pic is included can post more pics if there is any interest! feel free to call or text 319-239 -939seven
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    Swap, Wanted or Sell Thread

    better deal to club peeps
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    FS:1uz with adapter bell & w58 (IA)

    trying to sell my project that I just didnt have the $$ for. 92 1uz ran when I pulled it from a SC400 with I believe 180k complete wiring with more than youll need & ecu ebay adapter bellhousing to adapt to w58 w58 from a 86-87 supra NA pictured with rearsump pan, now has front sump from...
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    22r will not stay running, HELP

    check all the ground spots on the motor, check wiring off of maf make sure something didnt want to eat it somewhere down the line take dist cap off yet? make sure its not full of 4yrs worth of oil
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    got front LED turn bulbs?

    recently put clear turn lenses on the front of my 94 2wd and didnt want standard amber 1156 bulbs as they just look like c.r.a.p behind the clear lense. So I bought a pair of ebay special 20led 1156 bulbs that look great behind the clear lenses just werent putting enough load on the flasher so I...
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    Swap, Wanted or Sell Thread

    looking for 96+ 4runner or possibly awd rav4 if you know of any or have one....we're going to be in the market shortly 319-239-9397 thanks guys!
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    my turbo build...

    forgot to update this when we finished the frame we had to modify the body mount so we mount the leafs a little farther back. Other wise the steering wouldve been more or less ahead of the frame. But now I still picked up about 3-4" of wheel base and the steering box is just up against the...
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    85 4runner auto-5speed swap questions

    1. Have this done out in the garage, Gotta put pants on and get a pic. cross the 2 heavy black wires 2 vetical terminals (1 black, 1 black w/white tracer) 4. No, crank is a crank I just put a pilot bearing in a 87 auto turbo motor new flywheels run around $50-60 if you think...
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    Readers Rides, for pics and specs on your Toy(s).

    that thing is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! how do they move with a 22re? only driven them with a v6, makes me want to fix and SAS my 90 runner
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    Are 4 cyl 4x4 trannys interchangeable, between an 88 reg cab 4x4 and 89 runner?

    just find a better 22r or build one...eitherway would be better and easier than bothering to put a v..6..a...v.6.....cant even type it...:rolleyes:
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    86 pick up 22r rough running

    goes inside the firewall??? my old truck...circled in red
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