Churn Creek BC

Announcing the date for Coastal Cruiser's annual Churn Creek trip!

🚙 There is usually a Friday departure group and a Saturday departure group. Please post below which group you are planning to join. For newbies: this is a stock-friendly run, with some incredible views, and an amazing experience, you will not regret it! Bring your own TP. You can either stay at camp, or if you are more adventurous, we do day trips that are a bit more exciting. Please note that the mud roads can be VERY slick if wet. Drive with caution.

☀ There will likely be some snow on the ground, however the long range forecast this year shows 20-30% below average precip but above average temperatures for May. I'll be bringing my chainsaw, there's plenty of firewood in the area.


There is no cell service
Coastal Cruisers use CB channel 4 for trail talk
Cruiser VHF use 146.460 MHz for trail talk
Other amateur frequencies: 147.0000 MHz repeater VE7LIM
Gang Ranch Highways 143.4450 MHz
In EMERGENCY ONLY, Clinton RCMP use 143.185 , 149.1100,
149.2600, and 149.6800 MHz


Google Maps: clicky

Take the Fraser Canyon Highway 1 up to Cache Creek.
From Cache Creek take Highway 97 north to Clinton.
Fuel up in Clinton and head north on 97 toward Chasm.
Just past the turnoff for Chasm, turn left at Meadow Lake Road.
Follow Meadow Lake Road in the direction of Gang Ranch.
Eventually Meadow Lake Road changes its name to Canoe Creek Rd.
When you go through the Canoe Creek village, keep right and end up
heading north on the High road with the view of the Fraser River on left below.
Do not go to Dog Creek. You may see our campsite across the river down below.
Cross the big suspension bridge and snake up the hill.
Do not go to Gang Ranch; instead go left into Churn Creek protected areas.

🏕 Last year, our main campsite marked X1 on the map below, was gated off as it is private land, so we camped at X2. We'll shoot for X2 again. The turnoff is a little hard to find but it's at the corner directly to the left of the X2 on the image below. Should X1 magically become available we may camp there, but that's doubtful.

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Churn Creek Protected Area, Highway 97, Gang Ranch, BC, Canada

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