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Jan 19, 2005
Vancouver, Canada
Yipee! I FINALLY got around to installing my new OME suspension kit! Now the big challenge is to get the Cruiser out of my garage....maybe that needs a lift too.

For sale cheap, my old suspension: springs, shocks, bushings, shackles. Will fit 70 series. Its not worn out, but people told me it had a stiff choppy ride, maybe 3000 kilometres of use. Not driven like Testosterone Dan! The springs have been re-arched with an add a leaf done about 3 years ago and low milage. Gas shocks and bushings were new at that time, although shackle pins are rusty and pitted.

Also kicking around the basement, a new steel/aluminum roof basket rack I built for my FJ40 and never used. Won't fit my 74. Make me an offer.
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I guess I should have got a picture together before announcing the rack is for sale. Its rather big and awkward to ship all the way to California. The basket is about 4 feet square and about 6 inches deep. Made from 3/8" square steel tubing and the platform is expanded aluminum. It attaches to this Ranger rack with U clamps. I made it, welded it, painted it, then put it in the basement and forgot about it. Anyway, I'll borrow somebody's digital camera and get a pic made this week. I think $50. is reasonable considering the cost of materials and all the labour that went into it.
well, come on, let's see a pic of your freshly Emu'd 74!
Its stuck in my garage. I can't get it out. ;p
Got to "modify" the garage door with my chainsaw!
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OK, here's a couple of pics of the roof rack. After looking at it and remembering all the materials and work to make it, I now think $75. (Canadian) is a more realistic price.
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Here is a picture of the suspension system I just took off my BJ74. There are all the rubber bushings, steering stabilizer, shackles, nuts, bolts, and a couple of brand new OME front anchor pins with plates that are not shown in pic. The gas shocks were new and spring work done about 3 years ago and have low mileage. The shackle pins were the original and should be replaced. I just didn't like the ride and wanted a genuine OME setup and lift. First $200. takes it all. Parts not sold seperately.
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wow.. they don't look anything like the springs I took off my BJ60 when I did that... Those look new.

I had crumbly leafs some broken and they had no curve.
Well, I raised my garage door tracks as high as I could and it worked! Had to fiddle with the roller mechanism because it kept jamming up on the curve. Had to air down to 20 lbs. too. It will probably settle down after while, especially when its loaded with tons of camping gear for the May long weekend. Now got to fiddle with the rear brake proportioning rod since the vehicle is higher. Somebody said if you get too much rear braking action, you can skid a 360 on a slippery surface. (wet Big Bar switchbacks?) I guess the only real way to deal with that is to have two hydraulic pressure gauges and measure front and rear pressure when you stand on the brakes. I expect that the pressures are supposed to be fairly equal at low braking action, but less at the rear than the front at heavy braking force. Jesus, what next?
Yeah, how did you know?? Had to raise the house....
No, actually I had faith that if I installed the suspension, somehow I'd deal with the garage problem later and that's exactly what happened. Just Bulls***ed my way through it.
I'll take the lift.
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Someone has spoken for the suspension parts. If, for any reason, the deal does not go through then I will contact you.
I still have the roof rack basket available.
Thanks Bill,

I'm in dire need of something better than stockers!

Sorry to be a pest, but any estimation of when i may find out when it'll be available? I'm hoping to get my truck done this weekend.

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