Yaesu MH-48 microphone extension cable DIY


Aug 21, 2003
Tijeras, NM
Has anyone here made a DIY extension cable for the mic using a RJ11 six wire? I'm not talking about using a simple coupler to connect to male RJ45 cables together. I'm talking about making up a "male/female" cable.

Male is a typical RJ11 six wire modular connector, like a phone line connector.

Female is a RJ11 breakout box connector that typically surface mounted on a wall, like this: RJ11 6P4C Single Surface Mount Box

I see that eBay has a similar one for the mic from China 2M micophone extend cable for YAESU MH-48A6J MIC | eBay Upon closer inspection, it looks like they simply plugged a RJ45 modular into a coupler then heat shrunk the whole thing. So, this isn't a good example.
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