Xmas in March!

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Jun 20, 2004
Round Rock, TX
Apparently my placement in the "Nice list" was audited, so Santa Claus didn't end up visiting until this weekend...these came while I was at the Roundup!

Of course, all plans to wash the Cruiser and figure out where the gear oil leak is coming from went out the window, I had to assemble these right away! With my wife helping me out, it was a cinch.

Thanks to Jeff Kauffman for the awesome craftmanship, it's too bad that his regular business keeps him so busy that he's no longer making these. Thanks to Santa, too, who lives in Colorado! :flipoff2:

Now to get all the gear organized and stashed....
drawers one (small).jpg
drawers two (small).jpg
drawers three (small).jpg
Sweeet. IS there anything your cruiser doesnt have?

Now where the hell are those round up pics?

Is that a custom roof console in the front or was that a factory option or something. I'm interested in creating a custom center roof console myself. Thanks

Caleb West
I can totally dig it..nice job
that lower rear tailgate looks cool without that plastic chrome Toyota license plate holder. did you reroute the lights for the license plate?
Henry, sometimes I hate you, but rest assured, it's a jealous type of hate...

I want a set of those, bad.
Boy, those look good. I'm glad I was able to help. Maybe now you can bring that bastard over and we can go up to the house and then to blue Lake CAbin. snow is melting fast up here. Looks like we will be up in the high country in no time. How much space is between the drawers and the side. I'm talking about the little spaces on the side. Anywhere you can stash a battery. I'm thinking about taking out the betteries out of the mil trailer and putting them here. What do you think? I should be getting mine this week. I'm psyched.

"Usalas como trompo de niche" I'l let Henry explain.
Did Kate like them.
lowtideride said:
Sweeet. IS there anything your cruiser doesnt have?

Now where the hell are those round up pics?

You'd be surprised....I tell what it doesn't have...a reliable electrical system!

I gave up on getting the #$%&* resized....fawk it, I'm sure lots of people will post pics...sorry!
I am bummed to hear that he is not making those cabinest anymore....I had planned to get a set but wanted to just take the cruiser up for delivery....
They dont look that hard to make, if you or someone you know is the least bit crafty with wood working. Nice addition, although, I dont know if I ever want these, b/c of the usable space they take up for everyday driving. Or even carrying large items.
Very nice. Looks like 3/4 extension slides, which are really all you need. Do you have wheel well access from the rear or is it lost space next to the drawers?

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