XD9000i and goodies FS

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Apr 8, 2005
Gotta' sell my winch :frown: -
Warn XD9000i w/ remote
Plasma rope w/ rock guard
Hercules hook
Billet Fairlead (Foothill Offroad)
Warn battery quick-connect
Also some NIB recovery gear-
ARB Snatch block & Tree strap $120
65 looks and no comments.. $1100 too much ? What's the market bear these days for a pkg like this? (honestly)
65 looks and no comments.. $1100 too much ? What's the market bear these days for a pkg like this? (honestly)
Howdy! I am certainly not an educated shopper in this market, but assuming the parts are used, I would guess around 50-75% of new cost, whatever that is. HTH John
Maybe I should've qualified that than.. The winch has been never been submerged, and has been used for one recovery (a high center), and once to pull myself up FILTER on Payette Draw. 99% new. :)
I've seen these go for 750.00 to 800.00 new shipped or on Craig's list off and on. Not with the extra goodies, but it might be what people are thinking and unfortunately 99% new is still used. Not in the market and haven't priced in a while or trying to thread crap, but you asked.
in the market but looking at the 9k superwinch around 600-700. Sorry brother...
Also in the market, looking at Smittybilt XRC 10 for $500 or Superwinch 9K as BMAN stated. Sorry...
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Here's how I see it..
(using new prices)
Btry conect-$150
Low #'s-$1480 High #'s-$1680

Alright, I'll take $1000 FOR IT ALL. :)
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ttt :)
Maybe some bling bling pictures might help your cause..
Used resale means no warranty.

New Superwinch 9K w/ the bling and warranty = $600 plus the cost of the synthetic rope (I got mine w/ syn rope for $599).

Spike? Make an offer!
I don't get it.. Are you threadjacking my post to sell your own winch, or saying that your Superwinch is a better deal? :confused: If you're not interested in buying my winch, delete your post, as it's not needed here, and pretty rude to try and sell your junk in my thread.
It's been on the market for ever.
A little over two weeks? :rolleyes:
Here're a couple of pics-

Oh, and these too-

65 looks and no comments.. $1100 too much ? What's the market bear these days for a pkg like this? (honestly)
Howdy! Since your not getting much action locally, you may need to post up in the big classifieds section to reach a broader market. Several posts have cited comparable units NEW at less $$$. Considering the current economy, that may be hard to overcome, even though you are offering a pretty complete package in nearly new condition. I don't think Blues Dawg was trying to hijack your thread or sell anything, but he was showing an example of what the patient, prudent shopper may be able to find on today's market. Hang in there, maybe you will draw more interest now that everyone is home from CM. John
Just a guess....your pic of your 'terra was at payette?
thanks John, duly noted :beer:

What time of year was that? Every time I've been up there, there was ALLOT less water, and ALLOT more vertical drop passenger on that obstacle!

x2 on blues dogs intent...

thanks John, duly noted :beer:

the time/date stamp's accurate as I recall..
Hell, ask Ben, he was there.. :lol:
Spike? Make an offer!

I already bought a winch, or I should say Thanatoz bought me a winch when I was stuck in Indian territory. :D

Yeah, I remember that day on Payette, one of many for me that summer. That was the last time I saw that X. As usual, you beat it like you stole it. :D


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