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You can use the newer one. I screwed mine up too (dumbass invovled here too). I put a newer one I got from RK in my pig. Just attach the wires from the truck to the appropriate areas of the electical fitting thingy on the motor with whatever fits and tape it up. Mine works like a charm. My stock heater only had a power and a ground.
maybe 40 motors are the same, but the squirrel cage is different for piggies. I think it's because the motor mounts underneath versus on top for 40's.
maybe, do both have the resistor for low speed? 1 wire to each side, 1 low speed thru the resistor and the other would be straight to the motor, by passing the resistor

I'll check my spare stuff in the AM
first pic is a 78? pig heater, it has 3 speeds, 4 spades and a bullet, and the flat connector is from a mid 60's 40 series

second pic shows 2 different styles of 40 connectors, not sure what years??

I only have 1-55 fan with connector, all my other ones are missing the connector, just wires

Cut wires off at "A" and attach to "B"

The motor should have a "+" and "-" on the rubber grommet where the spades stick out. if not, you will need to test to see which polarity makes it turn the correct direction.

This allows use of early wiring and resistor, provided resistor is not an open circuit(burnt out) and still works. otherwise you will have just high speed.

you can modify the heater housing for a filament style resistor, like I did in my 72 build up thread if your low speed resistor is toast.
heater motor.JPG

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