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I'll give you two sixers of IPA and pay shipping for the lower rear reflectors ;)

As my piggy project goes on, I will have parts for sale that I am pulling from the Feb 71 FJ55. The list right now will be a tentative list of what will be available in around a month.

Parts will be located in Sacramento, Stockton, or Gilroy. If not close to you, they can be in one of those three places or inbetween.

Unless otherwise noted, I am assuming they are stock pieces.

Also unless otherwise noted, price for the parts is a 6 pack of an IPA. Would rather not ship any of these.

If the part doesn't start with a red astrix, it isn't officially of the rig yet. The tires will be available in about a week. Will consider a trade for a set of 31s for 17" rims:cheers:

  • Front bench seat
  • stock steering column and steering wheel
  • BFG ATs 32x10.5x15 on chrome spoke rims set of 4 $250
Pictures will coming for the above two items shortly.

John, never got response on the PM is sent on parts you wanted last. But a trade may be possible as well.

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Mark A. was looking for a pair of Piggie benches recently...

The front seat hasn't got a name on it yet:D

IPA = Indian Pale Ale (I think) or basically a 6 or 12 pack of a "good" beer or better known as Pighead trade stock:lol:

put my name on it and Ill start brewing some beer if I have to ! I will pm you my phone number
India Pale Ale

Batch size: 5 gallons
Original Gravity: about 1.074


Pale Ale malt (your favorite brand) 70%
Weyermann Light Munich Malt 20%
Weyermann Caramunich Type 2 10%

Extract brewers: substitute 10 pounds of your favorite light, dry malt extract for the pale and Munich malts, and steep 1.5 pounds of Caramunich 2 in the brew water.


Start of boil:
1.34 ounces Horizon at 10% alpha acid (3.8g alpha/5 gallons)

10 minutes from end of boil:
2 ounces Crystal

End of boil:
2 ounces Crystal

Dry hop (post fermentation):
2-4 ounces blend of Crystal and Amarillo

Hows This ? have a great week
I could be interested in the rims and tires. Have there been any flats with them? Are they all the same amount of wear? Any abnormal wear patterns due to poor alignment or other issues? What coin is in the tires, a dime or a dollar??

I would not be able to pick them up till the middle to end of July though.

If need be, John, you can store a set of tires in Pighead's basement. for a short time. Storage fees are quite reasonable...
Lil'John if things don't work out with Cruiser_Guy please place me in line for the tires; please mark the side and position they came off of for future mounting TIA;

FWIW, I'm looking at pulling the tires off this coming week. I got my new rims and just need to get some tires on them.

Does this mean the tires are not available any more or are these different tires?

You were saying these are in Sacramento? My bro' lives in "the pocket" in South Sacramento, any chance they could find their way there?
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Y'know, I'd like a spare rear axle...
Last call on the emissions canisters. Come Monday afternoon, if no claims, they hit the dumpster.

Are you talking about the big honkers under the body or Charcol canisters? Pardon my stupidity...but I could use the latter.
How are we doing on the tires/rims??
Cruiser_guy, I'm going to see what I can do this week. I've had a lot of stuff fall on my plate that was a bit unexpected.

I'm in no rush yet! Take your time. I'll be in Sacramento myself on or about the 9th of June.

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