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See Pighead for all your door/hinge needs...

BTW: I thought you need the LOWER hinge....the one that's supposed to have a spring in it?
I need basically everything in the red box.
handle #30
Bracket #31
nut #38

have that, but It is still in the 55 and not sure when I can get to it...I'm backlogged with things I need to somewhat urgently do (even taxes). But I will see if I can get to it. Otherwise, I hope some one chimes in ready to ship.
You are correct:doh:I fell asleep on the job:censor:

Erik, I'm not in a huge rush on most of these parts. The only "sort of" critical one is the signal relay. The rest are clean up items that will become more important once I get beyond the drivetrain phase ;)

I see the relay, but do you have the part number?
if you don't mind running newer switches, you might hit up timmbuck2. he may still have that stuff from when we parted uglibus. he might also have a door hinge for you
Tailgate junction block? the one inside the tailgate?
I would suggest you go aftermarket...
The originals I've seen are all broken and rusty. It's just a strip of cardboard-type stuff with some screw connectors. There's plenty of room inside the tailgate for something much better.
I have a couple of boxes left over from parting out Uglibus. Pretty sure I have the headlight stuff. Free to a good home, PM me your address.

is the brake line you're looking for very long? if not, i would just get one from napa/checker/vautozone/whatever. they come in various lengths and you just bend to fit.
Hmmm...on mine, the front circuit brake line runs along the top of the driver's side wheelwell, then goes down to the front axle. The rear circuit brake line though, does travel across the firewall.


In theory, the hardline for the front circuit should run across the back of the firewall to the passengerside and then down. I bought a 5 foot brakeline(longest they had) and it bent up about a foot short :frown:

I have a mafg.Sept 1970 Fj55 Was going to restore or use for parts but will sell entire vehicle for $800.00 live in Riverside; Ca. Fj55 has a tow bar on front. Needs compete restoration.
I bought a 5 foot brakeline(longest they had) and it bent up about a foot short :frown:

you could buy bulk brake line and reuse your old fittings if they're any good, or source new fittings, and a double flare tool. that's how i did my 45. iirc, i got 25' roll of brake tubing from summit.

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