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Sep 6, 2021
storrs, ct
64 fj45 pu trans. tunnel cover, 3 speed column, also driver running board, pair of cab mounts that go under seats. look like large letter X and spot welded to tub., mid section of bed floor, are these unique to the PU, seems this way. thank you in advance.
@maldoran You might get better results posting in the classifieds and in the FJ45 specific forum.
this site confuses me.
Keep poking around and you'll get it.
If you scroll to the bottom of the main forum page, you'll find the FJ45 Owners Club.
The Classifieds are found in the Menu Bar next to the "Forums" button. It has it's own substructure of classified areas.


edit: I see you found the classifieds :)
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