WTB: Stock steelies for a 40.

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Aug 24, 2014
Chilliwack, BC
Looking for a set of 5 stock steel wheels with clips for my '75. Either welded or riveted, as I have drum brakes. Rusty is OK. Im going for collector plates and its the last thing I need.
I might have a set, but they are burried in snow, I might only have two as I traded a local guy he wanted some split rims and I just needed some small tires to push my project around, but now that I have a big shop don't need the little tires, but I think the two fronts only fit and they didnt' fit on the big rear drums of the 70 series, so not sure I have the rears anymore, will check, but another month before snow melt, so if you still haven't found any in a month let me know I might be able to help you out.

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