WTB - Rust Free FJ60 (or FJ60 Body and frame) for Diesel Swap in Northern California.

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United States
So I'm looking for an FJ that really wants to be a diesel. Maybe one with a blown engine......it has to be rust free and I would prefer an '85 or later. I am in northern California, but would be willing to go to Nevada for the right FJ.
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I am considering selling my 86 FJ60. I'm down in Tucson, but I won't be asking too much, so maybe you'd have enough the pay for shipping. It's been an Arizona rig it's whole life, so it's rust free. Engine's not blown or anything, but I wouldn't drive it all that way if I were you. Paint's faded, but there aren't too many dents on the body. There's one spot that was recently repaired on the DS rear 3/4 from when my neighbor backed into me. I'm probably going to ask $1700 or so when I get around to putting it up for sale. I wanted to do so much with this truck, but I can never find the time to make my plans happen and now the wife is pregnant with our first kid, so I def. won't have any spare minutes.

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