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Mar 23, 2006

I want to expand my low gearing options for my '78 FJ40 (stock drivetrain). I've decided a doubler is really the way I want to go for my application. The AA Rock Box is a lot cheaper than the Marlin Crawler Toy Box. I don't want an Orion because you are either 4:1 or 1:1. I also want to retain the stock transfer case and tranny, so forget the SM420 and 465.

Unfortunately, I can't find an Rock Box since AA has recently discontinued them due to lack of demand. ho knew? I know everyone loves Marlin, but there's a big difference in the cost. The AA box was under a grand at Downey until AA recently ceased production. Marlin is nearly twice that much. I've searched the forums for a month and haven't found any substantiated evidence to discourage me from buying a Rock Box over the Toy Box.

That being said, do any of the AA vendors out there have one or anyone else for that matter? I'd prefer the 3.44 version, but would consider a 2.28 if all else fails.



Sucks don't it, us being the orphans of the orphan group? I talked to Steve at AA a couple weeks ago and he said they are still stocking parts to support units in the field, but no plans to continue making them. Downey doesn't ahve any even though they are in the online catalog. Same with Man-A-Fre, although they are much costlier than Downey was. Have you contacted AA directly? Maybe if we can get a few folks together, we can get them to make a some for us.

Nothing against Marlin, but they didn't return my email or phone call about the Toy Box when I inquired. At least AA responded.

I had posted an earlier thread asking about one or the other and everyone was either go with Marlin, go with an SM720, or go with an Orion. The Marlin is too much and the others don't give gearing options, just one lower gear with a big step or a clunky tranny.

There was a new 2.28 Rock Box on eBay in NJ last month that went for less than $1000. The buyer wasn't as responsive as I'd like so I ppassed. If I knew they were no longer available, I might have thrown in a couple more bids. Not so far for me to go pay cash and pick up so I'd know for sure I wasn't getting ripped off. Oh well.

Good luck to both of us.


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